Saturday, 17 January 2009

Two Things Challenge Paper/Plastic

The top photo I think sums up the generational divide between my kids and me- I am always surrounded by paper; books, newspapers, and you can see a pile of papers to the left of this picture abandoned by me. On photos I am never more than a foot away from reading matter of the paper variety, except of course while swimming, or going on country walks in wild places, though even then I usually like to have a leaflet to peruse at various intervals in my pocket.

To the right is the plastic, the new technology favoured by my kids (though they are quite literate), the Wii console, and they are usually found huddled around this screen or similar.

These are photos from Eleanor's birthday last year and show all the paper and plastic wrappings, which Eleanor and Holly Dolly later recycled into little houses. They probably enjoyed this part of the day best of all:)


chosha said...

Interesting. I know plastic is more durable, etc, but the touch of paper is so nice.

sticker said...

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