Monday, 30 April 2007

My dog tessa is poorly

Eleanor's Blog

My name is Eleanor. I am nine years old. My best friend is Holly. I have two guinea pigs and two dogs called Scampy and Tessa.

My guinea pigs are called Daniel and Misty. They are both mine but orginially one belonged to my brother Jack (Daniel, his choice of name) but he has never bothered with him, only once when he fed him a carrot. I called my guinea pig Misty as my friend had a cat called Misty and I wanted a cat too but my Mum said we couldn't as we already have two dogs so I had to make do with guinea pigs instead.

When we first got them back from the shop we kept them in the house as it was winter and they were only little. We let them out of their hutch and made a playground for them out of old toys and cardboard tubes from my Dad's work. They were so happy about being let out a small hutch at last that they jumped and skipped and whizzed about while we laughed.

We now keep them in a shed at the bottom of the garden where they can still run about. Sometimes I take them for walks with my friend Holly with little red leads. When they get tired we put them in our handbags which sounds a bit awful but they seem quite happy and carry on eating the grass we put in for them. Anyway they are both six years old so wwe must have looked after them alright.