Friday, 30 May 2008

Two Things Alike/Alliteration

I feel I have to continue blogging as I am very pleased with the pictures I took on our trip to the North York Moors, and, as usual, nobody else is much interested in them lol

I thought this horsechestnut blossom looks a bit like an icecream, what with the fluffy white and the pink candy colouring.

Fluffy Fondant Fantastical Fancy

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Virtual Walk through the North York Moors

This was a beautiful organised walk from our site in Hutton le Hole to Lasington, which apparently has a church which started off Christianity in the North, and there is a picture of the crypt.

Of particular note are the pictures of molehills, the two lambs who were wandering around in search of their mother (showing a surprising intelligence, as after realising they couldn't leap up the wall, decided to go round by the churchyard onto it) and the kids with staffs fighting like Robin Hood and Little John in front of some medieval houses.
The cows liked the look of Scamp and were following him as an object of some curiosity. Also there is a picture of some wild garlic in the woodlands which permeates the air with garlic and a picture of a sheep's bum which my husband said, when I showed him the photos, 'Why have you taken a picture of a haystack?'

We went to a pub in the middle of the walk, but I have posted it at the beginning because I have missed it out by mistake. There was a courtyard outside the pub with a gate at the front. With typical English reticence everyone was dithering and uming and ahing about whether this belonged to the pub, or was in fact somebody's garden. One courageous soul had a look through the windows, saw it wasn't anyone's front room, so emboldened, everyone bravely piled into the courtyard with their

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Mini Landscapes

Just a bit of fun, which was inspired by John Mora's pictures of a tennis court which Nora said looked like mini landscapes.

I enjoyed taking these pictures, though apparently showed up my daughter when she was walking home from school by stooping low to the ground and taking pictures of weeds.

1. Craggy moorland outpost with purple heather

2. Hanging Gardens of Babylon

3. Zen Garden

4. Grand Canyon

5. Texas Landscape


Wednesday, 21 May 2008

English Meadows for Nora

These are photos of a green belt quite near to here so you get the countryside near the city and it is within walking distance. Huge hedges of flowering hawthorn, buttercups, cowslips and the last of the bluebells in dingly dells. I rather fancied sitting in the shade of the elm and reading a book.
I like the photo of the stile leading to a gate which seems to hold promise of going somewhere special .
Also I have a picture of a forked path. Lots of forked paths being posted today lol

Monday, 19 May 2008


This is my daughter and her friend Holly in a ceremony making them Brownies. They had to go through a special arch.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Two Things Challenge Noisy/Peaceful

Since the numbers on the Two Things are a bit down I thought I would enter the fray again with one of my park pictures.
Captain Drake
Ripples circle from the fountain
On the pool which is a mirror
But the peace is suddenly broken
By a quacking scrapping flotilla
The geese are noisy too and if you look at the photo one has just seen Scamp and the peace was shattered by a honk (this time it wasn't traffic).
I like the way even spiky hedges bloom at this time of year, and I love the clematis adorning the wall and here is one of the peonys in our garden. I also like the May on the Hawthorn. I remember when I was carrying Jack I used to walk the dog and went past a hawthorn bush and used to think when this bush blooms he will be born, because his birthday is at this time of year.
Somebody in this house must like the Beatles. I wonder how they obtained it and if it is genuine.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


A small, quite interesting post,while I have the time.
The bluebells have come out, as they have all over here. They are Spanish bluebells, and it was quite interesting on the news the other day about how these are taking over from our native, though I have seen a lot of these this year too.
Also the bracken by our front door. I was going to do a time lapse photograghy about these, like a David Attenborough 'Life of Plants', but they have beat me to it. This was what they were like four days ago (Scamp has noticed them too) and the other photo is what they have grown to over a few days and the weekend while we were away.
We went to Flamborough Head when we were away. It was absolutely beautiful, the weather was stunning, the cliffs were white, the water was azure and the primroses were out. Scamp picked his way along the rocky outposts as a mountain goat.