Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Virtual Walk through the North York Moors

This was a beautiful organised walk from our site in Hutton le Hole to Lasington, which apparently has a church which started off Christianity in the North, and there is a picture of the crypt.

Of particular note are the pictures of molehills, the two lambs who were wandering around in search of their mother (showing a surprising intelligence, as after realising they couldn't leap up the wall, decided to go round by the churchyard onto it) and the kids with staffs fighting like Robin Hood and Little John in front of some medieval houses.
The cows liked the look of Scamp and were following him as an object of some curiosity. Also there is a picture of some wild garlic in the woodlands which permeates the air with garlic and a picture of a sheep's bum which my husband said, when I showed him the photos, 'Why have you taken a picture of a haystack?'

We went to a pub in the middle of the walk, but I have posted it at the beginning because I have missed it out by mistake. There was a courtyard outside the pub with a gate at the front. With typical English reticence everyone was dithering and uming and ahing about whether this belonged to the pub, or was in fact somebody's garden. One courageous soul had a look through the windows, saw it wasn't anyone's front room, so emboldened, everyone bravely piled into the courtyard with their


Frances said...

looks very familiar.
just popped by to say that I have closed my blog to the public. I will invite friends back, but can't invite you because I haven't got your email address. Long story and I don't want to go into it on your blog. If you want to come visiting, drop me a line with your email and I will invite you when I find out how to do it.

Bev said...
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Frances said...

okay I have copied that down so you can delete it if you like.

Bobbie said...

Bev, do delete it, quickly, before the spammers find it.

I love this virtual walk. The North York Moors is a beautiful and pristine area. I enjoyed it very much.

Frances said...

I do like the sheep's a**e - it is sort of cuddly looking - your beloved hubby must be as short-sighted as me if he thought it was a haystack. LOL
I haven't sorted out inviting, I think I will do it when I actually post something... seems churlish to invite people to something with no entertainment.

Bev said...

He is actually very shortsighted, and when he doesn't have his glasses everything is a blur.

He got through to the very last interviews to be a prison officer at the (as it was new) Wolds Prison, but failed because of his eyesight, as prison officer obviously have to be able to see at all times. No good if you are running after an escaped prisoner and he knocks your glasses off because you wouldn't be able to see him.

I think this is a shame, because we could have been loaded lol

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bev,

These are fantastic!! I love them!

My favorite is the house with that romantic looking garden - love it!!

~ Diane Clancy

Bev said...

He now wears contact lenses.

Dusty Lens said...

I like that classic red phone booth. But it appears to be in back and unused. I suppose with the cell phone, we will see less of these classic red phoe booths.

Teleza said...

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