Sunday, 30 March 2008

Two Things Native/Exotic

Punk Lions in shades kissing


Aztec Temple with green clouds

I thought it was quite a difficult challenge as we do not have many native exotic species here. However, today I found some old Christmas cards native to our living room on which Eleanor had painted some patterns made symmetrical by painting blobs on them and folding them over. She assures me that she wasn't intending to make any pictures and they were just random blobs. So these are magic paintings which made an exotic species and building come to life in our living room.

Also I am modeling an exotic couture creation (quite Aztec-y), which I bought today, native to Asda's, Hessle Road. I am as an exotic Bird of Paradise in our back garden. I am just about to go dog-walking so let's see how many hippies I can pick up lol

Friday, 28 March 2008

We had snow!!!

Two reasons for celebration here - we had reasonably proper snow on Sunday for the first time in a few years and I find I can upload videos without any real problem. So you can see the stars of The Blog in the flesh for the first time. And here is the earth which was piled up into a manmade hill when they built the railways put to a different sort of use. One of the videos shows a factory building in the background. Great this. If you shout things in the direction of this building a few seconds later they will eerily come back to you rather in the manner of shouting something in the Grand Canyon.

The top photo is a snow angel made by Eleanor by laying on the ground and waving your arms and legs about to make angel wings and the rather large legs of a chubby angel. Sort of a Dawn French angel. Also a picture of some spring flowers coming through the snow. I like the way these tiny vibrant blue flowers rise up through the snow, now the sap is rising.

Seeing as I can do these videos I may get someone to do a video of myself talking about something of importance. I put it to auction to the highest bidder. £50 is a starting suggestion, but I am open to offers. I suppose you can't have an auction of showing a video on the internet, unless it is some sort of private showing at an allotted time at a time only known to the auctioneer and the buyer, and then you would have to immediately delete the video, particularly if they had paid a lot of money for it, say, £1000.

I know I said in a previous posting that I was going on an underground blogging mission but that was before I discovered videos! I used to have some superb videos on my phone like sledging on this hill on a ramp that someone had built like a ski jump so that the sledges flew through the air but unfortunately they were all lost when my phone bust.

More about sledging: the best places to sledge are on steep woldy type hills down narrow indented paths which act as bob sleigh runs.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Two Things Dead/Alive

I said I was going to do a Serif Digital Art picture if it killed me, but....

Out Of Strength Came Forth Sweetness, Samson's riddle.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Two Things Sun/Shadow

My entry is the first picture. Today a grey sea fog descended on the vicinity and this view of our back garden shows it casting a grey shroud or shadow (a bit of a stretch this but you know what I mean) on the proceedings over the fence where everything is veiled in mist, making it the valley of the shadow. However, the sun is a presence in the form of the sun on our fence and the sun balloon weight which hanging in space from our tree. Also the daffodils are coming through. I do think they do look a bit like the sun, and they are such a hopeful flower after the bleak winter, heralding spring with their trumpet shapes. And of course they are used as a symbol of hope in many cancer charities such as Marie Curie.

I have also included a bluebell which we have in our garden because I think the land used to be woodland. There are a lot of these in people's gardens round here and have somehow survived for many years in cultivated gardens despite onslaughts from general horticulture. I think this is a bluebell, but actually looking at it it doesn't quite look like the wild ones you see. I am trying to cast some illumination on this matter in the general fug which is my brain without much success.
This posting is starting to meander alarmingly, but observe the weedy clump of earth in the flowerbed. What I do is pull great clumps of weeds out of the ten foot and give them to the guinea pigs to eat as a bit of recycling. Then I chuck them on the garden, where they regrow and sometimes if I run out of weeds on the tenfoot I reuse these clumps. Even if they don't get reused we get extra earth on our garden for free. So this is my own recycling weed clump plant(as in factory, of the organic variety). Interesting or what LOL

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Any excuse for a slide show - we've been to Devon!

In light of Frances' slideshow I have done my own Devon slide show. We may have walked the very earth that Frances herself treads as there is a pic of the kids on a bike contraption in Illfracombe. (where she lives). Also pics of Exmoor, Lynmouth, and Combe Martin during the very hot summer a few years ago when it felt like being in the Med. Here is the raft race in the evening with people carousing on the beach till sunset. Also a pic of my body only because I am a mystery woman. I think I was going to show Eleanor how to work the camera but she obviously got the hang of it before I got to her. If you look at Jack he looks a bit fed up of waiting for the pic to be taken, posing in front of the hollyhock. Also Mark eating a Devonshire cream tea - how much more Devony can you get?

Two Things Challenge Red/Blue/Purple

This is my entry for the Two Things Challenge, Red/Blue/Purple, in honour of the Presidential Election. I have got this idea from Frances' ace slide show of North Devon, and am well chuffed I can manage the technology. I was desperate to get a slide show in as an entry, and thought at first of doing some plain blocks of colour like Derek Jarmen's 'Blue', which does exactly what it says on the tin, but decided on these CDs instead.

They are showing music as colour. Blues is self explanatory, Red is passion as in Verdi Operas sung by Pavarotti (I know he is a bit naff but there is a reason why he was so popular), and Regal Purple in the classical music such a Handel's Water music on this CD, written for a King.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Pheonix or Firebird

I love messing about with Dumpr., and while doing this I made an egg with an egret which looks like a Pheonix. My research on Wikopedia (another thing I like to do) leads me to believe that the original Pheonix was actually a heron. So another of the permutations of egret, and positively the last one!

Happy Mother's Day

These are my presents for Mother's Day, from a local shop, nicely wrapped with cellophane and ribbons. E made the card (quite amusing, she knows her Mum, a coffee lover like Sweet Irene), and the chocs, which seem to have all disappeared during the course of the day. (not eaten by me, I might add).


We're all pretty damn good at punning on this blogging circuit and should set up our own internet creative ad agency or something for generating wacky ideas lol