Friday, 28 March 2008

We had snow!!!

Two reasons for celebration here - we had reasonably proper snow on Sunday for the first time in a few years and I find I can upload videos without any real problem. So you can see the stars of The Blog in the flesh for the first time. And here is the earth which was piled up into a manmade hill when they built the railways put to a different sort of use. One of the videos shows a factory building in the background. Great this. If you shout things in the direction of this building a few seconds later they will eerily come back to you rather in the manner of shouting something in the Grand Canyon.

The top photo is a snow angel made by Eleanor by laying on the ground and waving your arms and legs about to make angel wings and the rather large legs of a chubby angel. Sort of a Dawn French angel. Also a picture of some spring flowers coming through the snow. I like the way these tiny vibrant blue flowers rise up through the snow, now the sap is rising.

Seeing as I can do these videos I may get someone to do a video of myself talking about something of importance. I put it to auction to the highest bidder. £50 is a starting suggestion, but I am open to offers. I suppose you can't have an auction of showing a video on the internet, unless it is some sort of private showing at an allotted time at a time only known to the auctioneer and the buyer, and then you would have to immediately delete the video, particularly if they had paid a lot of money for it, say, £1000.

I know I said in a previous posting that I was going on an underground blogging mission but that was before I discovered videos! I used to have some superb videos on my phone like sledging on this hill on a ramp that someone had built like a ski jump so that the sledges flew through the air but unfortunately they were all lost when my phone bust.

More about sledging: the best places to sledge are on steep woldy type hills down narrow indented paths which act as bob sleigh runs.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Bev,

Great pictures!! A little snow is fun - especially every couple of years!

We have snow again too ... but a lot more than once every few years.

Great fun with your photos and videos!!

~ Diane Clancy

Sweet Irene said...

Great fun this is, Bev, You should definitely do more short films like these. They are just perfect!

We didn't have quite that much snow and it didn't stay on the ground very long. So, no sledding for us here.

Thank you for your comments on my last post. I sure appreciate them.

Frances said...

Haven't looked at the videos yet - looks great though. All we have had is rain today. Snow is much better in every way. I did do a bit of aquaplaning on the drive home today though... tee hee.

Frances said...

Wow Bev, I really like those. Did you take them with your phone or camera? They look really good and it is lovely to see everyone having fun, especially that famous hound. LOL

Bev said...

Sweet Irene, my pleasure.