Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wild Flowers and Blossom

This is not blogging as such. It is just a way of keeping some photos of blossom safe because people have a habit of tampering with my files and messing about with the photos and I don't want to lose them.

I do still enjoy reading people's postings, and John's pictures of blossom got me thinking about blossom so I took my camera with me on my afternoon dog walk, because I did particularly want to capture this avenue of trees, which I always make a detour to at this time of year. Also you can see a caravan because people are still living in them while their houses are being renovated after the damage from last year's floods (by white van man, probably)

I also took a picture of some wildflowers on our lawn, which I was pleased to see. Also it captures the particular verdancy that you get at this time of year, which doesn't last very long.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Summer Holiday

Thanks for your supportive comments. I hope to enjoy the summer with my family and am going to try to do more internet work to earn some cash, as well as the invigilating, which starts in May. I have always thought it is not very nice to be inside swotting and doing your exams at the best time of year, and it is sometimes very hot in the examining hall, with lack of oxygen etc. which cannot be good for the brain.

I have already said how much I have enjoyed doing this, and have said quite a few times what I think about people and there are some really great and funny comments on this blog from Lisa Sarsfield, John Mora, Sweet Irene, Debi Cates, Bobbie, Frances, Neda, Rima, Diane Clancy and Laurie and Bez.

I am glad I put the effort into this over the last year, and it may be of interest to my kids when they are older, as it certainly is of little interest to them now lol It is a sort of time capsule, or another planet left circling in cyberspace.

I am going to fit in some comments on the blogs which I enjoy doing.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Two Things Numbers/Letters

Here is my gold pendant saying 'Bev' in hieroglyphics, bought by my sister from her honeymoon in Egypt. I have always thought this quite funny because I bet there weren't that many Egyptian ladies called Bev nor much of a call for pendants with Bev on in the ancient city of Luxor in the time of hieroglyphics. When I wear it people do ask what it says because no-one understands hieroglyphics round here, so it is as good as wearing three numbers round your neck really. But letter and numbers are all abstract symbols which people have attached arbitary meanings to, like these hieroglyphics.