Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wild Flowers and Blossom

This is not blogging as such. It is just a way of keeping some photos of blossom safe because people have a habit of tampering with my files and messing about with the photos and I don't want to lose them.

I do still enjoy reading people's postings, and John's pictures of blossom got me thinking about blossom so I took my camera with me on my afternoon dog walk, because I did particularly want to capture this avenue of trees, which I always make a detour to at this time of year. Also you can see a caravan because people are still living in them while their houses are being renovated after the damage from last year's floods (by white van man, probably)

I also took a picture of some wildflowers on our lawn, which I was pleased to see. Also it captures the particular verdancy that you get at this time of year, which doesn't last very long.


theysaywordscanbleed said...
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Frances said...

Lovely non-blogging pictures. Thanks for letting us see the blossom you mentioned in John's blog.
so pretty. There is a road in Walthamstow where they have apple trees along the pavement. I always used to think what an excellent idea, beautiful and also a free food source for homeless people.

John said...

Bev, thanks for your visits and comments - I like the bulb flowers that are growing in your lawn. The trees look delightful - what a special time of the year,

You have a tough impatient doggie, based on our pooch piddle comment you posted in Holland.

When I was young I had a wonderful smart dog that would throw up behind couches, drapes where ever she could to hide it - but then would give herself away by being too nervous and shaking with guilt. So we would have to start the search to find it.

Your dog seems to have no remorse.

Bobbie said...

Beautiful trees, Bev. Thanks for posting your no-blogging pictures. Now if I could only find a few myself.

Bev said...

Ah yes, the piddle comment, possibly in bad taste. Could start a whole new genre of comments lol

He is a tough little street dog, got from the RSPCA from an unwanted litter. He basically spent the first 16 weeks of his life along with his Mum and siblings in a pen in the RSPCA so is quite a doggy dog, not that well socialised with people, but harmless. He was also the dominant dog in the litter so needs firm handling. You can tell by his actions the other day that he perhaps thinks he owns the place.

He likes running rings around bigger dogs but doesn't like it when it is done to him. He used to bully a whippet puppy (but not badly)on the field, but the other day we came across the whippet who was now a lot bigger and who proceeded to give Scamp a dose of his own medicine. Scamp now studiously ignores him lol

Ditaur said...
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Bev said...

I think Scamp does have remorse. He is rumbustious but quite sensitive, and so he should be, he's had an easy ride for most of his life. In that respect he's a little like my kids.

Neda said...

Lovely photo..Hope you will keep non-blogging :). We miss you.

Frances said...

Have a happy May,

Bev said...

We have just bought a caravan and are going to Filey at the weekend so let's hope this glorious weather continues.

I am supposed to be packing, and, to break my computer addiction, my husband now has the computer connection in his locker at work. However, I am writing this in the library on the way home from work lol

Frances said...

I think my husband is concerned at my addiction too. But impossible to put that one back now.
Have a lovely holiday. The weather is great for it. The caravan sounds like fun.
I'll come and say hello again in June!
trying to keep the pressure off.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

What a beautiful tree-lined street. Us bloggers will happily baby-sit these non-blogged photos:)
Thanks for your warm wishes for Tui, your experiences with your son were I am sure just as hard. Not very plesant seeing your child in pain!
On the road home again now:)

John said...

Bev, the internet became addictive for me when I decided to have a shot of tequila each time I mispelled a word.

Hope your summer is going well. Just realised that lawn pic must be really piddled.

I respect any avid gardner that has doggies.

God, I wanna leave an anonymous comment....

Bev said...
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Bev said...

John, please feel free to post any comments you like.

After all, I left some frickin' scary anonymous Phoenix and Jesus comments on your blog.

I really can take it, and really find it quite funny.