Sunday, 29 June 2008

Two Things Smartarse entry

Square meal on a round plate LOL

Two Things Round/Square

I saw a Millenium Beacon on the way back from caravaning this weekend which seemed to fit the bill. This isn't the one as my husband wouldn't stop on a busy road but one like it.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Two Things Perpendicular/Parallel

.This picture is basic but I am more into the ideas LOL Also it is very difficult to draw on Paintbox. I tried going on Dumpr which used to have an aging facility to blur it slightly (I always find they look better that way) but it has gone. Photo to sketch is still there, though, and makes this look quite artistic.

It is supposed to represent Alice entering the parallel world of the Wonderland garden through the perpendicular door. There are heart shaped bushes, the Queen of Hearts castle (I tried to draw a card but as I say it's very difficult to actually draw anything at all on this facility) and a psychedelic background as I have always thought Alice in Wonderland a very psychedelic book.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Two Things Flagpole/Fireplug

While desparately casting around for an entry for this week's Two Things I went to see 'The Artful Eye' great photos to see what a Fireplug looked like.

They do look a bit like stout little people, so here is a stout little granny like Gile's Grandma flagging down a bus at a (flagpole) bus stop LOL

Two Things Fireplug/Flagpole

A difficult challenge this one as fireplugs are a US phenomenon and there are none round here, so I have cheated a little and split the words into separate components and found a pole plugged with a curtain end (as an interesting feature, soldered by Mark), a firey sun and some prayer flags in our back garden. So DC got in her great pictures of genuine fireplugs and I got in some great closeup shots of my homemade beady spirals among the other things. Yay!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wisteria Cottage

John's posting reminded me of a photo of this wisteria bedecking this old stone cottage I saw just recently which I would like to share.

I quite like the second photo, because although it isn't technically very good it gives an impression of the sheer profusion of flowers in the garden at the height of summer, almost as though they are taking over.

Another possible reader for this blog

Today I asked to take a picture of the Rag and Bone man whom I have mentioned in a previous posting. I think things like this may possibly be quite unusual in this day and age. He gave me his e-mail and asked me to e-mail this picture to him and I will give him the address of this blog.
A rare opportunity for taking a picture of something like this and I've got the camera on the flower setting. Doh!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Decorating Gardens

We have always gone in for alternative garden decoration, ever since we went to an Arts Centre in Knaresborough which had a lot of CDs on a wall. We just thought they looked nice and suspended some on a tree in our back garden but then discovered that on a sunny day if it is a bit windy they will cast beams of light round the garden, and give off a kaleidoscope of colours.

I have a butterfly light holder which contains a tealight for summer evenings. I bought this last year but never used it as it rained most of the summer so I hope I can get some use out of it this year as I suppose it will softly light the butterfly.

Mark's idea: curtain pole ends bought reduced for about £3 and made into interesting features. Also a Buddhist prayer flag (don't know what they make of this next door). We have been to a few Buddhist meetings and Mark used to try to meditate but never got the necessary peace in the house lol

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Look at our Foxgloves

I think these flowers are magnificent and I keep looking at the special little painted bee runways everytime I walk up the path. What with the ferns we have our own mini woodland here.

I am particularly pleased with these as I planted about two from a specially bought 'Cottage Garden' pack, and in a few years all these have self-seeded. Most of the other cottage garden plants were got by the snails. We have also been doing a few planters, and already some plants have been reduced to stalks overnight.

Of possible further interest in this photo is the postbox which we need because Scamp doesn't like the postman, and the holes in our nets because he is always sitting on the windowsill. lol

Friday, 6 June 2008

Two Things Symmetrical/Abstract

False alarm, and I am glad as I really like blogging. Because my son needs broadband for a new game he has got for his birthday, a compromise has been reached whereby the computer connection is removed during the day so I can't idle my time away. (I wasn't just pretending just to fish for any compliments, but any are gratefully received lol )

Great! I can use some more of my pictures of the North York Moors for this.

Here are two otters (but parred down and containing wicker lines) so abstract representations facing each other (so symmetrical) at the North York Moors Visitors Centre. Some dodgy plastic bag gremlin in the background (which I didn't notice at the time) reminiscent of the chocolate wrapper in a recent flower picture of mine. Easy to see why some people find ghosts in photos; if you were short sighted this could easily be a shrouded ghostly figure wandering across the pasture.

I love these open air sculptures that people are putting up all over the place just recently. We have a country park near us that has a sculpture trail and at the kid's school somebody has carved an owl at the top of an old tree.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Rydale Folk Museum

These are pictures of the Rydale Folk Museum, which was situated next to our site. A folk festival was on at the same time, so we got a bit of free entertainment.
1. Chanticleer
2. Victorian cottage garden
3. Medieval herb garden
4. Mini building
5. Jack entering cottage
6. Victorian kitchen
7. Quite like this photo of a rag rug, with the light streaming through the doorway of the Victorian kitchen.
8. Village Stores
9. General view of museum with folk tent.
10. Witches hut. Well, I think it was round the corner actually, but similar. I have some sympathy for witches, myself looking not unlike one from the back when I have not combed my hair. They were really just eccentric old women who liked animals. Give it a few more years LOL
11. Eleanor is blocking my view lol