Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Decorating Gardens

We have always gone in for alternative garden decoration, ever since we went to an Arts Centre in Knaresborough which had a lot of CDs on a wall. We just thought they looked nice and suspended some on a tree in our back garden but then discovered that on a sunny day if it is a bit windy they will cast beams of light round the garden, and give off a kaleidoscope of colours.

I have a butterfly light holder which contains a tealight for summer evenings. I bought this last year but never used it as it rained most of the summer so I hope I can get some use out of it this year as I suppose it will softly light the butterfly.

Mark's idea: curtain pole ends bought reduced for about £3 and made into interesting features. Also a Buddhist prayer flag (don't know what they make of this next door). We have been to a few Buddhist meetings and Mark used to try to meditate but never got the necessary peace in the house lol


philippine lotto said...

that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.

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Frances said...

You got spam, methinks, milady.
Wonder if it's Buddhist generated spam - a bit like poor old Mark gets at home. The more I hear about the man the more he sounds beleaguered. LOL - Nothing better than a bit of beleaguerment for a man, I always think, keeps them on their toes.
Love your garden arty fartyness. I keep intending to put CDs out to frighten the birds, but I do like them and can't bring myself to scare them. Apart from seagulls and I take pleasure in doing that myself. I wish slugs were frightened of CDs as I have loads of old free software that doesn't work. I would happily scatter it about to get rid of our limacine friends.
There is something of the hippy about your family - you sound more and more like my family as time goes on.
I think we lower the tone here in North Devon though... unlike your family who seem to add a touch of class and mystique to the area you live in.

Bev said...

This is spam, but harmless. I was taken in by the flattery on the bottom one and clicked on it, but it just goes to the lotto.

I was just really pleased there is somebody else apart from you reading my blog LOL

John said...

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that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.

Bev said...

Why don't you put up the CDs as little mirrors so that the slugs can see themselves lol