Sunday, 1 June 2008

Rydale Folk Museum

These are pictures of the Rydale Folk Museum, which was situated next to our site. A folk festival was on at the same time, so we got a bit of free entertainment.
1. Chanticleer
2. Victorian cottage garden
3. Medieval herb garden
4. Mini building
5. Jack entering cottage
6. Victorian kitchen
7. Quite like this photo of a rag rug, with the light streaming through the doorway of the Victorian kitchen.
8. Village Stores
9. General view of museum with folk tent.
10. Witches hut. Well, I think it was round the corner actually, but similar. I have some sympathy for witches, myself looking not unlike one from the back when I have not combed my hair. They were really just eccentric old women who liked animals. Give it a few more years LOL
11. Eleanor is blocking my view lol


Neda said...

Bev, you bring me so many charming memories of England! I have visited many many times since half of my family lives in Surrey... Thanks for including us in your outings :)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bev,

This are lovely pictures!!

I love the thatched houses.

~ Diane Clancy

Frances said...

Yay Bev - echo Neda, though I still live in England, I hardly ever make it up to Yorkshire these days and then just a bit round Dewsbury - and sometimes a quick pop up to the moors. Yesterday I was thinking about all the places we stayed when we became too big a family and too rowdy to stay with my grandparents (for my Mum's peace of mind!- in-laws!) My Grandad used to find us somewhere for a month in the summer, each time a different one - (Including a caravan one year - up near Haworth somewhere.)Apart from that it is lovely to see your two having such a great time.

John said...

The bottom pic is delightful - I also like the one of table looking down to the rug floor.

A rug is not the same as a carpet...I prefer rugs.

Anonymous said...



Kim said...

ooohhh I want a house just like that one !!!
great photos :)
I agree with John ..
that bottom sp is terrific :)