Tuesday, 13 May 2008


A small, quite interesting post,while I have the time.
The bluebells have come out, as they have all over here. They are Spanish bluebells, and it was quite interesting on the news the other day about how these are taking over from our native, though I have seen a lot of these this year too.
Also the bracken by our front door. I was going to do a time lapse photograghy about these, like a David Attenborough 'Life of Plants', but they have beat me to it. This was what they were like four days ago (Scamp has noticed them too) and the other photo is what they have grown to over a few days and the weekend while we were away.
We went to Flamborough Head when we were away. It was absolutely beautiful, the weather was stunning, the cliffs were white, the water was azure and the primroses were out. Scamp picked his way along the rocky outposts as a mountain goat.


Neda said...

Are you familiar with the Texas bluebonnets, the "official" state flower? In the Spring, there are literally "carpets" of blue as far as you can see. Do the bluebells spread easily?

P.S. Lovely to see you back!

Frances said...

ooh another non-blog post? so I can say hello before next month... yay, Bev.
those dam' foreign bluebells. We have them too and some foreign squirrels. I think we have some English ones, but I believe they hybridise and become Spanish as soon as possible.
Glad you had a good caravanning weekend.
See you around.

Bev said...

Neda, what a lovely evocative name for your bluebells.

They are all over here in people's gardens. I thought this might be because this used to be woodland, but this may just be a romantic notion I have.

We went fishing on last Monday on the Bank Holiday and the woodlands were carpeted with the proper English bluebells, which are more delicately made than these ones. I was going to take a picture but forgot my camera. Also primroses out, and huge bullrushes.

I didn't fish as I don't really approve of it so read the paper and exchanged pleasantaries with passersby. Three fish were caught and then put back. Kids were totally fascinated by the maggots, as kids always are.

Bobbie said...

Bev, it beats me how bluebells can turn into ferns, but proof is in the pictures :)

Hope you are doing well and life is good.

John said...

Ohh - rin.go been hitting the wrong cymbals and he has missed seeing these---this is not an octopuses' garden - the fern shot has an aura about it - very nice, mum.

what - "This blog does not allow anonymous comments." That makes ringo twist and shout.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bev,

Beautiful bluebells ... I always have so many ideas about photography ... then spring is over!!!

~ Diane Clancy