Thursday, 24 July 2008

Summer Hols

The kids are off and we're enjoying all this hot weather. Perfect timing as it started being hot the very day they finished school, and usually it's the other way round.

We're off on our holiday in the caravan to the West of Scotland next week so I will be sorting things out this week and will probably resume blogging sometime in September with matters of great intellectual and philosophical importance LOL


Bez said...

Enjoy your holidays Bev and make the most of your time with the kids. I look forward to reading your observations later in the year.

Frances said...

funny my brother and family are coming south to camp. We are all off this weekend too.
Hope you have a good time.
See you later

The Artful Eye said...

Have a wonderful time!
Be safe.

Irene said...

Can't wait for it to be September. Have a lovely time looking up some kilts.

John said...

My best - avoid sleeping with bagpipes.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bev

Have a great time!! I also have a give-away if you want to enter.

~ Diane Clancy

Bev said...

Wise words Bez. I feel I owe you something, but quite what I haven't decided.

When I have written my life story and made a lot of money I may just give you some of the proceeds.

But I think I have already written it this year in this blog and I would rather just enjoy the time with my kids lol

Bez said...

Well I'm certain you could tell your story well and I know its interesting but I would want you to enjoy the proceeds for yourself!

I've spent my holidays clearng out junk. Tedious but cathartic.

I start my new job in a week too.
Lots of new starts for me!

I look forward to your return from your break.

John said...

OK, if you had just stuck out your chest more at the finish line you would have won that 100 meter sprint in Bejing.

I can spell Peking better than Beijing.

How many gold medals did you win?

Bev said...

I did win one for the Beach Volleyball, but was unable to collect it as knocked myself out during the course of the game (Don't know how politically correct all of this is).

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