Thursday, 21 August 2008

Scotland Holiday Snaps


I am going to enjoy this as I like writing the captions.

1. I think this is the Mull of Kintyre where Paul McCartney lives and wrote the famous song.
2. Ell
3. C'est moi, and I look quite cheerful.
4. Cold water
5. Scotland is absolutely beautiful when you have the weather.
6. Castle battlements
7. Now Scarborough as we gave up on Scotland because it was raining too much.
8. Scotland again, and Scamp is looking out to sea in a romantic way.
9. Top of Burns Monument. As Jack gets older he is increasingly prone to giving me dirty looks. LOL Topical this, as Jeremy Paxman was in the paper saying that Burns is just a load of old doggerel, and I must say, I found it hard to understand.
10.Enjoying the moment
11. Pristine landscape in Scotland
12. I think Jack is getting fed up of me taking photos all the time and is trying to jeopardise my photo opps (he is only joking and does come from 'ull)
13. Jack really has taken it too far this time LOL
14. Robin Hoods Bay
15. Jack strikes a thoughtful pose in Scarborough


lotto numbers said...

Well for me its better to be more realistic.

lotto sweepstakes said...

It could challenge the ideas of the people who visit your blog.

Frances said...

Yay Bev
an yerackshul pic of you. Very nice too. Hubby looks pretty groovy as well. No wonder you have such attractive cheerful children, love your daughter's chic and style in amongst all the grungy dark colours around her. She is looking good and you all look pretty happy for the famous family holiday.
Didn't expect to see you till September.
Views are lovely, ignore the silly lotto numbers, it does look realistic really it does... LOL

John said...

This looks like Iowa. You sure you were not in Iowa?

You have challenged the ideas of the people who visit your blog.