Thursday, 28 August 2008

Stylish Dressing

Frances always has the most perceptive, clever comments. Sometimes I think twice about putting pictures up, wondering what she will see in them with all her psychology expertise. LOL Also they are always beautifully and imaginatively written and I am in danger of getting a girlie crush (but not an obsessive one) on Frances as a result. LOL

As Frances picked up from her observations of the holiday snaps Eleanor is becoming a stylish dresser and that is because she is spending more time with her friend Eden. She used to be friends with Eden in infant school and I remember her as a tiny red head running about in a tiny fur coat.

Eden's Mum (don't know her name, it's always so and so's Mum) is one of the most striking dressers hereabouts, and that is where Eden probably gets it from. Eden's Mum is a child minder but quite an unusual one in that often several jaws will hit the floor when she enters the playground with a buggy and lots of little kids in tow. She has long black hair and always flaming red lipstick and is always strikingly dressed, fur coats, black stiletto boots, shades, and mini skirts. (She is a lady who spends some time at the gym). She looks like she could take on the world. I like her for not conforming to any homely childminder stereotypes LOL

Eden is always beautifully dressed when she comes to our house, and has recently been wearing lime green a lot because her Mum says it will go with her hair. She came round looking like this the other day and I just had to take a photo as she looked so good (stylish and chic).

Here is a recent fashion shoot in our back garden. Eden's permission has been obtained for this airing on my blog, but it will be removed in a few days.


Frances said...

They both look lovely. It is great to see them taking pride in themselves. I can hardly remember how that was, constantly brushing my hair and looking in the mirror - nowadays I sometimes find I still haven't brushed my hair at noon. LOL. Scruffy bint!

Irene said...

Hi Bev, I'm a little thick and didn't quite realize you were back in town. Now I have to catch up on your posts as i have to on so many. The photograph is great, very artistically presented. You are becoming a real pro.

John said...

I like your new way of presenting pics so much and that coupled with your writing has made your blog blossom.

What is a girlie crush?


Bev said...

An infatuation, but as I say, it's not obsessive LOL

The new way of presenting pictures, thanks. I am scanning holiday photos at the library which I have put into an album. All the other photos on this blog have been digital . I don't use digital for holiday photos because I think it is nice to make an album out of them.

Frances said...

where is that lady and the church? I liked them.

Bev said...

I just thought it was a bit rubbish lol

Frances said...

ah - know the feeling. Not that I've done any blogging recently. But I have the same tendency in life anyway. Maybe we are just perfectionists with a true attention to detail... well, maybe... LOL