Saturday, 15 September 2007

Continental Hull

I think I should get a job with Hull tourist board because these are genuine pics of Hull which I took the other day which make it look like a sophisticated continental city, with a cafe pavement culture, no less. I was going to call this post 'Day Trip to Bruges, Venice of the North' and pass these pics off as pictures of the continent, and pretend I had been on a 'Dutch Dash' as their are very good links on the ferries here, and I think they would pass muster, but I don't want to add to all the misinformation on the Web. Also I realised that there was a large 'HULL' on that flowerbed.

First pic, cobbled streets of Old Town. One of the reasons a lot of people think Hull is a unattractive city is that it was heavily bombed in the War and a lot of lovely old buildings were lost and replaced by drab functional fifties buildings.

Second pic, cafe pavement society. They keep trying to do this all over, leaving tables outside pubs and restaurants, and sometimes the British weather isn't up to it, but it was today.

Third pic, Hull Marina, lots of yachts, lots of money, could be Cannes.

Fourth pic, we are here quite often as there is a Gamestation Shop on that corner where we get Jack's playstation games. Also building to the left is where we got our wedding rings. Fifth pic, you can't fault this city's municipal gardening and on a summer's day this grass is covered by people lying on it.


Bobbie said...

You could have fooled me. I'd make the perfect tourist. Everything looks wonderful and exotic!

Frances said...

It is lovely. I think we English sometimes don't notice what lovely places we live in. We always look at other countries with envy, but in fact most places have pretty areas, parks and so on and loads have interesting and attractive old buildings. We damaged the look of things ourselves with re-building and trying to be modern from the 60s - ending up with all that stained grey concrete. And of course, as you say - getting bombed isn't too good for historical buildings LOL

Frances said...

BTW - Bev - you have an award over on my blog. Look at the post called 'Kind thought from Irene' to see the details.

Sweet Irene said...

You take great pictures of Hull, so you should be awarded the title "First Citizen" or something. Congratulations on your award, by the way! Have you been over to get it yet?

laurie said...

that IS beautiful! judging by the pictures, you're very lucky to be there. everything has much more sophistication and age than here.

not a mickeyd's in sight.

Frances said...

Bev - you've got another award on my blog... ;-)

Beverley said...

I'm very honoured and pleased to receive my award. I haven't won an award since playing the recorder at school! Glad that someone notices and appreciates my blog. Thank you very much. Just called hubby in to have a look at my name on the roll of honour on Frances blog! I will have fun choosing my seven recipients, and I'll get back to you on that one.

Thank you Sweet Irene and Laurie for your comments about my photos. Between you , me and the gatepost (and Frances will back me up on this one) my home city of Hull has the reputation of being a bit of a dump, and has the lowest educational standards and one of highest rates of poverty in England. I refer you to early pictures I have taken to show the other side of Hull. But I have enjoyed taking these pictures because it just goes to show that if you look closely, eeverywhere has lovely places, and people do make an effort to improve their environment and Hull is indeed improving.