Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Eccentric Gardens

I went to sign on today. I notice Scamp is not barking anymore when I leave him outside so he must be getting used to the experience.

On the way there I took the opportunity to take some pictures of eccentric gardens of which there are many round here, as I know Frances likes gardens, and I think these are great. When I used to walk about with my kids when they were younger they used to like things like this and there was always something to talk about. People have put a lot of effort into these and they added a bit of fun and interest to my walk.

First pic, they seem to like horses. Note the street sign saying Horseman Drive, the little horse and carriage with a person in it behind the gate. Nice touch also are the wagon wheels next to the wall and if you look closely you will see horses on top of the garage.

Second pic, a gnome garden with a rude gnome at the front, and a lit pool with a fountain.

A lot of people seem to have got in the back of their minds an 'Englishman's home is his castle' and there are lot of lions on gateposts rather in the manner of lions at the entrance to stately home but third pic is a bit different, with two Buddhas at the entrance. Peace and harmony to be found at that house, then!

Fourth pic, you would need plenty of trips to the garden centre to recreate this effect, but I like it. What with all the topiary and animals it has rather a storybook, Alice in Wonderland feel to it.

Fifth pic, they like owls and they don't give two hoots what anybody thinks. A commendable attitude and one that is quite prevalent on the streets of Hull.


Frances said...

These are all so well-looked-after and kempt, aren't they? Makes me feel ashamed of the mess at the front of our house... not very welcoming - I forget about it once i get inside, don't think how much pleasure it might give passers-by to have a laugh at my kitsch gnomes and fairies. Maybe I should make some with Photoshop... tee hee! How are the fairies in your garden? Hope they didn't drown in the bath.

Beverley said...

I hope you don't think I was making fun of them. I thought I made it clear in my post that I like them. I myself have many kitsch items in my garden including windchimes, fairies, plastic rabbits, a mini fairytale castel and stepping stones. It's all lively good fun.

Beverley said...

You can tell what a chav I am from my spelling.lol

Frances said...

No, I thought you thought they were interesting.
I was remembering your fairy glade - actually that reminded me of Scampy mug, but I couldn't think of a way of working that in to the comment!
I find other people's houses and gardens interesting. Sometimes they are funny, but I think they are meant to be (aren't they?) Or maybe the granny with the rude gnome thinks it's high art?

Jo said...

Cottingham Road, few houses down from the church on Newland ave.

House with massive lions either side of the front door.

Each to their own...

Rima said...

great photos, Beverley

Sweet Irene said...

Now girls, don't be arguing about those cute little gnomes and owls in people's front gardens. They are an expression of an Englishman's sense of pride of ownership of his little bit of estate. We have similar expressions of those here in the Netherlands with fishing gnomes and little windmills. I did tell you about the gate with the two pit bulls, didn't I and the fake palm tree? You see, it could be a lot worse!

Bobbie said...

Here in Texas we call it "yard art" and it is part of the redneck traditon. I have my own and so I fit right in even though I was raise in New Mexico. Tee hee!