Sunday, 23 September 2007

Jack's Cartoon


Sweet Irene said that Jack might be a good cartoonist on the evidence of his homework diary and I think he is. Here is a comic that Jack made some time ago. It has been stuck to the freezer with a fridge magnet for some time so has
attracted some stains, mainly from Jack himself on his frequent forays to the fridge.

It's called 'Iceman, The Beginning' so presumably is part of a trilogy, like 'Lord of The Rings'. The name and the skyscraper, and action at the top of tall buildings would suggest that it has been heavily influenced by cartoons such as Batman and Spider man. Though Iceman is obviously a cooler figure entirely. Also perhaps 'King Kong' as that first building has a touch of the Empire State Building about it.

I like Jack's cool Svengali figure with the pink jumpsuit, shades and trendy combed back hairstyle. Jack has drawn his hair being blown back by the wind as he is pushed from the skyscraper by his robot (whom he wants to go and rob a bank for him) and clutching his shades like he doesn't want to lose them. This also reminds me a bit of 'Carry On Screaming' (a comedy)which Jack has also seen, where people are dunked in fluid (like the little man is at the beginning of the cartoon) and turned into Frankenstein beasts to do their master's bidding. Like Frankenstein this robot has rebelled and turned on his master.

Like Spiderman, who travels about on spider's webs, Iceman appears to travel about on a substance which pertains to his name, namely an iceslide which has obviously appeared from nowhere, and which Iceman uses to save jumpsuit man. Robot goes 'Huh!', a bit of dialogue which Jack has probably got from his reading of the Beano, and which people don't say in real life. Jack seems to have got a bit fed up at this point because the action moves on very quickly, in contrast to the complex allusions and dialogue of the comic's beginnings, during which the robot is comprehensively trashed and the world is saved. It's not too frightening as all the pictures are very cutesy, as indeed are all Jack's cartoon pictures.

I like the back of the comic, which says 'Tree House Comics Inc', so obviously Jack fancies himself as a bit of a cartoonist, and is thinking of setting up his own company.


Frances said...

Way to go Jack - creative as well as everything else. Liked the comic - it looked pretty good. Hope you are able to preserve it for when he becomes a world-famous animation person (animator?)
LOL - senior moment.

Bez said...

I must disagree with your assumption that Icemans slide appears from nowhere. Presumably he is able to freeze the naturally occuring water vapour in the surrounding air. I found Jamaica very humid, which would theoretically be a boon to our intrepid hero, although we must assume that with such a high prevalent ambient temperature his ice slides would be short lived.....castles made of sand melt into the sea.

Beverley said...

Frances, glad to see you are back on your blog. I kept checking it and wondered where you were, but I'm not up to e-mails. If I was I would have sent one, along with everyone else.

Bez, you have been to Jamaica and live in an executive mansion. Teaching must be paying more than it used to. Glad to see all the stuff we learnt in physics still comes in useful.

Sweet Irene said...

Good for Jack, he is an enterprising young man and will probably be syndicated. And remember, we saw it all happen right from the start. We were there when a star was born!

Beverley said...

Bez, I hope your knee is feeling a bit better

Bobbie said...

Jack is a budding cartoonist and I love his drawings. There is nothing like a child's drawings, so imaginative, don't you agree?

Beverley said...

Jack has been looking over my shoulder while I have been reading these comments and was very pleased by them. Especially when I explained what syndicated meant! So thanks very much for your positive comments.