Thursday, 11 September 2008

Photos Illustrating Jack's Progress

1. I got quite friendly with a lady called Fiona and we used to take the kids all over. Here is me on a ride at 'Sundown'. Fiona was full of vim and vigour, in fact is a local parish councillor, but she liked kids to do what they are told, and sometimes didn't get on very well with Eleanor, as you can possibly tell from her face on the photo or maybe she just wasn't expecting to have her photo taken. Fiona is very kind and practical and here is the little Halloween party she did, cake made by her.

2. Here is Grandma, dressed in her best for Jack's first birthday. We lived in one of four cottages called 'Paradise Row', which were two up two down, but with a shared garden which Grandma's friend Edie used to look after all the time. (This may sound as if we were living in poverty, but this was in the idyllic village of Cottingham where the price houses are sky high (for round here), and the house itself went for a pretty penny to a single Yuppie girl. We were only poverty striken later when we moved here. However, Grandma had lived there for sixty years and at the start things were probably quite different.) It had the original fire place which I put cushions against so Jack wouldn't hurt himself while walking.

3. Jack on his fourth birthday, looking very shy and unsure. Fun in the backgarden.

4. Sunlit days. Jack met his best Alex round about this time and I like the way he is looking at him here, though the other boy isn't so sure. Alex made Jack laugh and brought him out of himself. Here is a picture of my friend Tina who was a social worker at Jack's birthday party with one of her twins.

5. Jack's Sixth birthday, and look at the contrast in him in two years. Party at ours' organised by me. OK, so you're not a party animal so play to your strengths so I organised an imaginative treasure hunt and games. You may see a clue under the harmonica on the fireplace. Me in the pink jumper at a Toddler event and Eleanor doing a funny smile at the lady taking the photo who was probably doing the same sort of smile at her.


Frances said...

lovely pics and I notice you've scanned them so they're clear. LOL.
happy days and long may they continue.
Having always been somewhat shy and withdrawn myself, I'd prefer my daughter to be bumptious and unbearable but confident rather that timid and self-effacing. You have done so well to make the effort to think deeply about Jack's needs and not to go for surface wins, but to address those underlying issues. Now he is ready for the next stage and if my experience is anything, this is the time when you have to sit tight and hold hard. Love is the answer, don't you think?
big hug from me.

Frances said...

than not that.

Bev said...

That's right, they're your child and you want them to survive in the outside world and not to be hurt.

However, sometimes I think all my efforts have worked a little too well as Jack is getting a little bit above himself at the moment. LOL

I am surprised to hear that about you because I always thought of you as an extrovert.

Bev said...

I walk away to the kitchen to fix up some snacks and think about things lol

How did you manage to be a teacher for twenty five years if you are withdrawn, if you don't mind me asking? LOL

Frances said...

The classroom is like permission - you have a reason to be there. Also I was always good with the shy ones and the under-achievers and kids with dyslexia... I understood that they needed the breaks and I knew what insecurity was like. In secondary school you can be very successful and appreciated if you understand angst and have a good sense of the ridiculous...
I learnt to go for it a bit more in myself when I had my daughter and she was outgoing and just asked for stuff and talked to people. I was always friendly if people approached me, just found it difficult to be sociable and approach other people. Being mad also helps - once you grow up. Disinhibition. Hahahah LOL

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I loved to read all this and to see them so well. You're sounding happy and proud!