Monday, 29 September 2008

Family photos

I think I am finding away of getting my new camera photos onto Blogger, but it may take some time. I have been trying to change my name on Facebbook to one which is more accessible, but this too defeats me for the moment, at least.

I thought I would put some more photos on using the library scanner, because I have many albums of really nice photos of my kids.

Quite funny, the second photo of Mark, Jack and Eleanor. Obviously you have a new baby, and things are a little chaotic lol

I like this photo of Eleanor in a high chair, when she was very young, but obviously as bright as a button. I used to sit her in this bouncy chair and talk to her while I was washing up.

Bottom photos include one of me and the kids in Blackpool.

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bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bev, What sort of Camera did you buy?, Digital is so much easier to use on your blog. If not try setting up an account with photobucket its easy, this is the address.