Sunday, 5 October 2008

Two Things Solid/Pattern


Coal is a solid and a mass
Heavy, lumpen, used for fuel
But made up of intricate layers
And patterns of the molecule.


stock investment newsletter said...

very nice! hahahahaha

Bev said...

Stock Investment Newsletter it's not meant to be a serious poem, just a little ditty to illustrate an idea. so p**s off.

Irene said...

You do always come up with the best illustrations, Bev. You have an amazing mind. That's a compliment.

Who is this stock guy anyway?

Frances said...

hahah - love your conversation with the robot....
and Irene seems to think it is a real person - or is this just all too confusing for me.
nice coal.

Anonymous said...

I bought coal and stock from a

What is p**s off? Is it a stock symbol for some sort of lukewarm recyled fuel? I know a lot about emergy.


Maya said...