Friday, 31 October 2008

I've cracked it!

Here is my first digital artwork. It is inspired by Diane Clancy's Animals in Flowers, and is a picture of Tessa among the flowers on the Common, where she often roamed. This is the only picture of Tess to hand, and I will do a proper one of her when I find one.


Frances said...

nice one. I like the way she is hovering over the grass. You are getting clever with the digital stuff.
You'll have to start challenging us to come up with interesting ideas. Our dog is cowering under the desk here and whimpering. Fireworks... no kiddies trick and treating as yet. Strange, usually they start at 5.00 and keep going, getting older by the half-hour.

Irene said...

Good god, Bev, you've cracked it!

Bev said...

Obviously, this piece has a few faults, but I will get getter with time lol

We bought loads of sweets but only had about five callers, so ate them all ourrselves. I was listening to the radio and the presenter said he had no callers either. Perhaps something to do with the weather, as it was quite a cold evening.

The Artful Eye said...

You did it! Now just mess with the opacity tool.