Saturday, 13 September 2008

Two Things Old/Fashion

Two things for the two things.

Firstly a shop in the seaside town of Whitby selling antique (old)style fashions. If you enlarge the picture you can see jet necklaces draped over the cabinet. Whitby is famous for jet and it is, of course, millions of years old.

Here is an ancient mosque. It was Jack's homework which he started in a desultory fashion but which I completed because it had to be in the next day. It has be made from a chocolate box and the master stroke is how the little buildings and town surrounding the mosque (mosques usually rise above their surrounding towns in a transcendental fashion (sorry) as befits their status as buildings of spirtuality and importance embodying an ancient religion) have been fashioned from the little tray on the inside of the chocolate box put upside down. They just look like little streets and buildings.

It's great they do this sort of thing in schools to foster an undertstanding of other cultures, but this little mosque embodies culture clash, East Meets West, and all sort of other ironies. You have an ancient Eastern religious building made out of a manufactured symbol of Western self indulgence, chocolate, ancient stone religious palace fashioned out of brand new cardboard. But I think Jack was just glad he got his homework in on time LOL


Lisa Sarsfield said...

Love the observation you made, east meets west. Not sure who got the last laugh. Probably who ever ate the chocolates! You old is def older than my old! lol

Frances said...

I read this yesterday - and you've changed it already - quick worker.
Did you see the programme about Whitby jet on tv? It was very interesting.
No comment re parents doing children's homework for them - tut tut
Reminds me of that man taking all those driving tests for other people. LOL

Bev said...

It is wrong to do homework for other people and now I feel guilty. However, it was simply a final flourish on something which Jack had already done most of, and it wasn't for any assessment or coursework. It was a merely a little mosque to add to a table of other little mosques for them all to look at.

Jack normally does all his homework himself and is left to it. But I bet a lot of important coursework is done by parents.

Bev said...

You can tell just by looking at the mosque that it hasn't had any major input from me. It's not as if it's going to win any prizes or get an A* under false pretences LOL

Bev said...

I saw that coastal programme too and because I was thinking about this at the time I added this picture of Whitby I had in my files.

Frances said...

heheheh - flushed you out Bev.
Nice to see the mosque back, though, whoever made it - I have to admit it doesn't look very much like any mosque I've seen, so I did presume it wasn't all your work - after all your study of comparitive religion... but guilt is good.... and entertaining, of course
I think you are probably in good company though. I heard something about all the stuff parents do to help kids at school and to influence the teachers and even to make sure the children get ready for school. A lot of pressure.
It seems as if it is mainly to stop our darling children from making a bad impression... saving them from themselves.