Sunday, 20 January 2008

Mick Ronson Research

I don't know whether Bez is still reading this blog but today I did a bit of research about only the fourth famous person who has come from Hull (where I live), after Andrew Marvell, William Wilberforce, and John Prescott - the legendary guitarist Mick Ronson, whose collaborations with David Bowie are legendary. Here is the Mick Ronson stage in the park in the centre of Hull, and it was used recently for a Hull Flood Aid concert. I myself and kids etc. have been past it many times, and did warm up exercises in front of this for a Race For Life once. So although it's not a very impressive looking stage (!) it is in the centre of Hull in these lovely gardens, and is used very often. Bez I did actually look for 'Classic Rock', but the time I got to it in was onto Feb's issue!


John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

ohh, i remeber those days - bowie stardust - some amazing songs and all horrid outfits. bowie made elton john's waerddrove look tame, before he got a title and hooked up with diana.

thanks for your witty kind insight.

yes, I can do miracles with an etch-a-sketch....its how fast you turn the knobs - are you only getting gray? a pity.

Bobbie said...

I had no idea that Hull the home of such a famous personage. Good to see you posting :)

Bev said...

LOL Bobbie, Hull is the back of beyond so when we do produce a famous personage we get very excited

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bev,

Good to see you!! Neat photos and story about your local color and culture ... I enjoy them so much!

~ Diane Clancy

Bez said...

Pleased to see Hull has a tribute to one of its finest sons albeit a little erm, inadequate?

I'm sure that a Hull poet just scooped a major prize and that there have been other famous poets from the city.

Although not a fan myself, dont forget The Beautiful South were from Hull, as was the front man from Fine Young Cannibals (they lived on the same street).

Anyway, thats probably bored everyone so I'll go now!

Bez said...

......and what about Amy Johnson? A hero from the top drawer and a daughter of Hull.

Bev said...

OK Bez.

Philip Larkin was not actually born in Hull.
This was just a quick posting - do expect me to have my encycopedia out?

I agree about the memorial. It is inadequate. I may even write a letter to Hull City Council to help me fill my days. I hope the memorial to my husband is a little more substantial.

Bev said...

Bez, rereading your comments (very difficult to judge the tone of things on a computer) I don't think you are really picking holes in my posting or being pedantic, but merely being informative and helpful.

I know the exact same street to which you are referring, in fact have been in one of the houses. The Beautiful South abandoned Hull, and are now based in Manchester, which is a slightly more vibrant city.

And what about the Housemartins? Fat Boy Slim has walked these very streets.

Bev said...

Another interesting fact.

I used to work at a school called Francis Askew and the school cook had two sons in the Hull band 'The Paddingtons'. They are now signed up by some record label, but at the time they were just getting into the papers and she brought in a clipping. They are the two larger members of the band (well fed).

Bez said...

not picking holes at all!
Yes it was Fat Boy Slim that lived in the same street.
Apparently the guy, whos name escapes me, from The Beautiful South is a real diamond geezer, despite how much I dislike his songs!
I know you know your stuff, no offence intended!:-)