Monday, 28 January 2008

Two Things Challenge Sign/Post

I am getting in the Two Things Challenge quite early this week, partly in response to more helpful if pedantic comments (lol) from Bez today on this blog, implying that I do not know my famous people from Hull, which I most certainly do. I have probably taken (unnecessary) umbrage at your comments because this is my blog and I pride myself on it being factual. Please note Bez, this has been posted on the very day which you made your comment, so I have not had a chance to go out and take a picture.

I was walking down this nondescript street of tiny terrace houses in a rough part of town when I noticed a sign saying that Amy Johnson, the first woman aviator, was born here, so I took a picture. She went a long way from this little house to flying to the Atlantic.

Can't you see the post part? Yes you can!


Bobbie said...

Now that you pointed it out I'm sure I can see it! Nice bit of history to go along. Enjoyed reading this one as always.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bev,

WOW - I am impressed that you are already done!! It is a fun one with a great story as always.

Sure ... I can see it all (so I wish to think - *grin*)

~ Diane Clancy

Bez said...

A remarkable woman, and so was Amy Johnson (will flattery put me back in the good books?)
Never one to be pedantic, although it goes with the job!
Does Hull Council afford her any more tribute than this plaque? I know they named a school after her and then shut it!
I think they attach more importance to Clive Sullivan.. :-)

Bez said...

Just for fun try

...and what a witty web address that is!

A few on there I didnt know were from Hull.

Frances said...

wow - Bez certainly peppers your pickles as they say overseas - I don't know what the equivalent expression is in Hull. Anyway - if it spurs you on to more and more informative blogs... no, actually, I have to say I like your surreal and off-the-wall posts - after all, that's what attracted me in the first place. I still remember Jack's cake ingredients.
Keep cool Bev, you are GREAT and funny and clever, that's enough for me. LOL

Sweet Irene said...

Dear Bev, I am stumped. Can we blame my heavily medicated mind? I am sure that I am missing something crucial, but I am unable to discover what it is and find myself lost in the abyss of my mind. Somewhere something needs to connect with something else, but they are like two ships passing in the night. Your wit is outreaching me and your sense of humor is outrunning me. Woe is me! Artful blogging is not for the dull witted.

Bev said...

Sweet Irene, the whole thing is a post on a blog !

Actually this is a bit of a pathetic entry for the Two Things and I might do another one.

Bev said...

Sweet Irene, you are not dull-witted. This was a rubbish posting.

Bev said...

LOL Bez re Clive Sullivan. Don't know who he was but must have been very important to merit such a long dual carriage way.

Scary road though. It has regular accidents and is regularly blocked by the emergency services just at rush hour and the city on that side comes to a standstill.

Once took the wrong turning onto this road by mistake and my hands were shaking so much I could hardly use to the gearstick, with cars whizzing past, left and right, it felt like. I just keep to the minor city roads.

Bez said...

Hi Bev,
Clive was a much celebrated England Rugby League captain and a Hull player.
The road can be a bit lively can't it? The police once arrested a woman driving the wrong way down there. I know it wasn't you because I met her once!

Bev said...

Bez my kids are a great help when driving and generally warn me if something is coming. However, Holly refuses to be driven by after the only time I took her somewhere she needed a cushion over her face the whole time, so she couldn't see, to soften any impact, I don't know lol

Bev said...

Tried the website. A lot of people come from the Greatfield estate, which is a rough estate but good for character building obviously. The dad of the little kid who sorted my son out came from there.

Bev said...

Looking back at the site, Mick Ronson came from there too.

Bev said...
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Bev said...
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Sandollar said...

Bev! Post on a blog!?! And here I thought Bobbie was the pun master...but NO! You are the true PUN MASTER...I bow to your greatness!!!

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