Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Two Things Challenge Peanuts/Plain

While on the internet this afternoon looking for a job I found my mind inexorably drawn to this week's Two Things Challenge which is Peanuts/Plain. Although at the moment I should really be concentrating on other things I have decided that I will keep my hand in blogging by doing the occasional comment and the Two Things. Fortunately Eleanor's sticker paints were to hand for the sunset, as I had just seen Debi's pictures of the sunset in Texas. Would it stretch the bounds of credibility too much to say that I was coincidentally listening on a CD (among other things)to Chuck Berry's 'Sweet Little Sixteen', which contains the line 'deep in the heart of Texas' (this is entirely true).


Debi said...

Bev, that is adorable! And witty. And flattering. And coincidental! And everything that tickles my funny bone.

So glad to see a post -- however occasional -- here at sweet Heavenly Body.

Frances said...

Wow that was a quick sabbatical!
I haven't looked at the Two things challenge for so long - suppose I had better do it if semi-retired bloggers are doing it.
Keep well Bev - hope you can resist the lure of the virtual world as long as you need to

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

This is very sweet and cool. Thank you so much for being here!!

~ Diane Clancy

Arizona Mama said...

Peanuts on the Plain! I love it!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

As usual I love your interprutation! Nice to see post from you:)
I love the co-incidences that happen like you said and it's good that you were able to utilise them for a post!

Sweet Irene said...

Ha ha, that is very funny, Bev. I love how your mind works. You have a real double layer of quirkiness. It's nice to see you here, I'll keep checking every day, just in case.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Bev, glad you are posting and commenting. I hardly know you - feel like a wedding crasher - but it is nice to "see" you.

Is Snoopy American or international? Peanuts always seemed so apple pie American to me.

My best. Keep playing that Chuck Berry.

Bev said...

John, it's international. Howevever, from looking at everybody else's entries I realise I have been (inadvertently)cheating again as it was 'Peanut' in the singular. But the Clint Eastwood character was always a bit of a loner lol