Monday, 29 September 2008

Brothers and Sisters

More nice photos.

My two have always been great pals, and it started from the beginning really.

There is a photo of Mark's Mum (or her arms) when Eleanor had just come out of hospital.

I also like this one of the two of them joking together when Eleanor was very young - she thought Jack was the funniest thing since sliced bread (and still does).

Finally, Eleanor got this picture included in an exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery a few years ago, which is a picture of her and Jack which she did, which sums up their relationship.


Frances said...

lovely pics and very special to see you. As you're so photogenic, I wonder why you're camera shy. Good-looking woman. The children are lovely too, but we know that already. LOL

Debi said...

Aw. What a nice post! Of course, I'm partial to a sweet brother and sister relationship.

I especially liked the picture "Puppy fun" -- those two look adorable! Like an ad for something wholesome, like oatmeal or wheat crackers or something.

Lovely children and it's refreshing to hear how they love one another.

Debi said...

By the way, like Eleanor, my little grandson ONLY laughs out loud at his sister. Everyone else gets a gummy, shy grin, but sister Kit gets the belly laugh from him.

John said...

The top pic is dreamlike - great that you have raised them to bond closely - my best.