Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Abusing YouTube

My Dad has had to change the passwords on the computer because we are using up all the month's credits in a few days and we are only allowed to use the computer in the evening when he comes and puts in the secret passwords. This is because we are all addicted to You Tube.

He is also annoyed because I have put fifty quid on the phone bill from ringing Holly in the evening when she has just gone home and walking about talking to her for hours. I also was losing five pounds of credit on my mobile phone after putting a tenner in and getting upset and accusing different people because I thought someone was secretly using my mobile phone when it turns out that I had subscribed to loads of wallpaper for my mobile and they were eating all the money up and I didn't realise you had to pay.

My Mum hadn't bothered much with the computer and didn't realise you could see videos on it but once she did there was no stopping her. She thinks it is like having a private free juke box in the corner of the room, though of course my Dad has to pay eventually.

My Mum keeps watching Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebels playing 'Come up and See me'. She said she always liked the song but didn't actually realise what Steve Harley looked like. She says she likes the latest version of the song best because Steve Harley is like a fine wine which gets better with age. He looks like he has lived a bit and he has ditched the daft furry jacket. She also likes the backing singers. My dad says he had heard he was gay but that doesn't bother her. She was trying to watch his work in 'The Phantom of the Opera' but he has got a mask on and it isn't the same.

My brother likes watching Mika and I like Umbrella and Miracle but my Mum says the eighties were better. She has got me on to Michael Jackson and I keep doing the rising shoulder movement he does when he is dancing with the zombies. I also like Bananarama and like the hand movement Siobhan Farley does in Venus. The best dance music is Norman Cook's 'Brimful of Asher' and 'Praise You'. The funniest video is 'Muffins'.

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Frances said...

We worked out that broadband was MUCH cheaper - and it means that Mums can watch videos - listen to music and blog and play JTs Blocks online, whenever life gets stressful.