Sunday, 10 June 2007

Going to the Beach

Today was a nice day so we took the opportunity to go to the beach, which is a country beach near where we live.

We took Scamp and as always he indulged in a bit of wind-sniffing which involves sticking his nose out of a partially opened window and taking in deep sniffs of air for virtually the whole journey. When persuaded to take a break from his hobby he emerges not surprisingly looking like he has been in a wind tunnel with his fur flat against his head and looks highly comical.

The roads were busy and the route we take is the route taken by weekend bikers who go racing up and down dicing with death. One of them went along and high speed and suddenly did a wheelie and my dad, who was not impressed, said 'Tit.'

We arrived at the beach which is on a bit of a cliff and we scrambled down the cliff but my Mum took the sedate route down by walking about half a mile up the track to get down.

She caught up with us on our walk and we threw pebbles into the sea for Scamp to fetch but he is not a water loving dog and stayed on beach. When he finally got near a pebble he had difficulty picking it up and spent ages trying to dig up the pebble leaving big holes in the beach and himself obliterated by a cloud of sand. A tiny Yorkshire terrier came up wanting to play but he ignored him.

We saw sand martins swooping round and they had made lots of holes in the red clay cliff and we saw three baby sand martins peeping out. My Dad chased us with a crab.

Our Dad started the BBQ while me and Jack went swimming. Scamp jumped from rock to rock to get as far out as he could to us but was still too scared to go in the water. I made a bikini top out of my t-shirt by twisting it and danced around the beach.

We had tortilla wraps with cheese and cucumber, and sausages and chicken from the BBQ. My dad made my Mum drink some Eisberg(non-alcoholic)wine which she thinks is a waste of time and later when he went up to the kiosk to get a can my Mum said 'What's in that can?' and he said 'Beer' but he was only joking.

When it came to the time for us to dry off with towels it occurred to Jack (who has started doing RE at school) that the red clay slope up the cliff looked a bit like Mount Sinai and with the towel round him on top of it he looked like Moses and started doing the ten commandments. When I tried to rip the towel off him he said 'Hey, get off, I'm Moses, man'.

When we got home we found my Dad's sunburn started just at the top of his belly because that is the bit that sticks out.

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Sweet Irene said...

Dear Eleanor,

I am glad that you had such a fun weekend. The beach is just the best place to be, isn't it? Our dog has never been to the beach and I wonder how much he would like it. Some day we will have to try it.