Monday, 4 June 2007

Jack's Birthday

Yesterday was my brother Jack's birthday and we invited his friends Alex and Ross round so we could go and see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and go to Pizza Hut.

Jack has a thing about Johnny Depp and has grown his hair long like Jack Sparrow. Alex's Mum will not let him grow his hair long but I noticed he now has spiky hair with hair gel on which is almost as good.

We played on Jack's Nintendo Wii and my Mum took a video of us dancing to S Club 7 which we replayed with the CD on again so that we could have a soundtrack with the video.

I wore a brown sequined top and a black skirt with purple dots on which sticks out as it has net under it. I also wore a variegated green bobble, some silver jellies and a black suede jacket with a fur trim. I borrowed my Mum's amythyst earrings and her silver necklace with the seven diamonds. Alex said "Those aren't diamonds " but my Dad said "Yes they are, only not very good ones". My Mum said I looked great and took a picture.

We enjoyed the film and my Mum smuggled some Frazzles in as she says the food at the cinema is a bit expensive but my Dad bought us some coke.

The film was three hours long and my Mum fell asleep like she did when we went to see Skooby Doo at Luton.

We went to Pizza Hut and I had chicken with dips with a salad bowl which you take to the salad bar and fill up with as much salad as you want. If you put something solid like croutons at the bottom of your bowl and then put a wall of cucumber slices on top of it around the bowl you can get a lot more salad in.

When we got back we had the cake with candles in it and we did it with an old 'Seven' candle with a giraffe on it from when Jack was seven plus five more individual candles. We found a birthday card from Holly on the mat as I think she wanted to be involved so I took her round a piece of cake.

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Frances said...

Belated birthday greetings to Jack - coming up to the age when he can be really horrible.