Thursday, 21 June 2007

Jack is In Trouble

In the city where we live stink bombs have been banned.

This is because lads have been buying stink bombs from the joke shop and letting them off in Marks and Spencer so the local council have banned the shop from selling stink bombs.

My Mum knows this because she wanted to buy Jack some and they told her this in the shop but because the man said she looked like a responsible person he brought her some out from under the counter and let her have some.

Now when she wants some she waits until the shop is empty and asks the man for some stink bombs so she doesn't get him into trouble.

Yesterday Jack was late home from school as he had been at David Parker Hunt's. He slipped in the house very quietly and unassumingly.

It later transpired that Jack had been put in detention at school with Connor and David Parker Hunt for letting off a stink bomb in the changing room. I asked what it smelt like and he said 'Rotten eggs, but it smelt worse when we tried to cover up the smell with our deodorants'. He said they had waited in the reception for their detention for half an hour but no teacher turned up so they just went to David Parker Hunt's.


Frances said...

That Mum of yours, I dunno!
Stink bombs are great though. My fave is that plastic stuff you can put on a carpet and it looks like cat-sick - proven to work.

Eleanor said...

Quite good the poo too.

Was genuinely taken in by this and all hell broke loose.

Eleanor's Mum