Wednesday, 13 June 2007

An ingenious invention

My Mum is getting fed up with carrying my double bass to school on Wednesdays so today came up with an ingenious invention.

You get a skateboard and tie a bit of string on the front. Then someone can hold the double bass on the skateboard and someone can pull the string and it takes a lot of effort out of transporting the double bass. My teacher, who came out of school helping to carry the double bass, thought it was a good idea and so did Sharon and my Mum said 'Yes, I'm not just a pretty face'. Misha offered to hold Scamp's lead but my Mum told her that if he started to run after anything to just drop the lead or otherwise it was dangerous.

Later in the evening we had run out of cordial and Holly wanted to go to the shop for some apple juice. My Mum thought she could kill two birds with one stone and asked Holly if she would also post a Father's Day card to my grandad. In it we put the 'World's Best Grandad' coaster which we had bought. I wanted to slip in a plaster polar bear fridge magnet that I had just made but it made the envelope too fat. My Mum thought that it made the envelope too heavy for just one stamp so asked Holly to buy some stamps as well.

Then I said 'You've had some wine, haven't you?' as she is not supposed to be drinking during the week and she said 'Yes, but only one glass and don't tell Dad'. Then Holly,who always has an eye for the main chance, said 'OK, we won't tell him if you get us some sweets from the shop' My Mum said 'Why, what do you want?' and Holly said 'Some Chocolate Heaven, but they are £1.20 each.' My Mum said 'OK, it's a deal' and because Jack had overheard he had to have one too.

Because it was quite a complicated errand my Mum wrote us some instructions to take:

1. Buy six first class stamps. Put one on letter.

2. Post letter.

3. Buy Chocolate Heaven.

When we got home we explained to my Mum that one of the Chocolate Heaven bars had two strips missing from it when we picked it up and when we told the shop assistant she still insisted that we had to buy it and that was the bar we gave to Jack, and we forgot the apple juice.


Sweet Irene said...

Dear Eleanor,

You have such a sense of humor. This post nade me grin a lot. What exactly is a Chocolate Heaven? My imagination is working overtime!

Eleanor said...

It is a very expensive chocolate bar which is being heavily promoted in England right now and there are big stands of it next to the checkout of the shop we go to which obviously the girls had noticed. It promises the ultimate chocolate experience but I never did get to find out what it tasted like!
Eleanor's Mum

Frances said...

Poor Jack
I am beginning to feel very sorry for him.
Chocolate is so good for children's memories as well.....