Sunday, 17 June 2007

Father's Day

Today was Father's Day so we let my Dad lie in a bit and then we gave him his favourite bacon sandwiches and a cup of tea. My Mum specially grilled the rind for Tess as a little treat to keep up her interest in things.

I gave my Dad a card with a picture of me inside that I made, a bought card and an octopus desk tidy which I had made at Brownies on Friday. Because of the floods we had Jack's friend Connor tea on Friday because he couldn't get home. I was talking about Brown Owl and Connor asked if he could come to Brownies with me. As I went in with Holly him and Jack were peering through the window to see if they could see the owl.

My Mum spent a lot of time in Scope choosing a present for my Dad. She came up with some rose bath salts with a rose on and a little silver shovel which you use to shovel them into the bath. You could tell he wasn't that impressed with them but my Mum said 'Well, you do like bubble bath and you have got a feminine side' and my Dad said 'Yes, but not that feminine.'

My brother had to be persuaded to go to the shop yesterday to get a card for Dad but he had made him some chocolate truffles at school.

We spent the afternoon going round some open gardens in a village near where we live. There was supposed to be a scarecrow competition with the scarecrows placed around the route but they had to put most of the scarecrows in the village hall as they were frightened of them being ruined in case it rained. However, we got a bit of a shock when we rounded the corner into someone's back garden and suddenly came upon a giant Little Miss Muffet scarecrow and her spider. Obviously some people had got their scarecrows up in their own gardens because they could take them in themselves if it rained. Then my brother started worrying in case we came across ET scarecrow because he doesn't like ET.

There were little activities laid on in the gardens and we did some quizzies and planted a pumpkin and a sunflower seed which we later got into trouble for for moistening in somebodies koi carp pond. Actually we were pleased to see the koi carp because round where we live some of the koi carp from people's ponds swam away when the garden's were flooded on Thursday.

There were quite a few good quirky ideas in the gardens like saucers of large glass balls, tea pots hanging from trees and quite a few fairies but in one garden people had put tiny doors at the bottom of trees where the fairies lived. We liked the metallic bendy toad stools.

Quite a lot of money in the village as some of the children had their own Swiss Chalets to play in and we overheard 'Is Stephen back home again' 'Yes, he is but he's just out on the boat' which is not a conversation which happens very often in our neck of the woods.

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