Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Bun Update

Jack couldn't make his buns last week because of flood damage to the cookers at his school.

So my Mum has another chance to do right by him this time and pack his cooking ingredients properly.

She has bought some more chocolate chips as he ate the last packet for dinner last week as the school canteen wasn't working due to the flood damage. She has noted that the ingredients from last week had gone off, even though she had placed them in the fridge. She has gone out and bought some silver foil from Morrisons and carefully wrapped the ingredients in the foil instead of throwing them all in together. The margarine used is low fat Olive. She had difficulty in reading the scales and making the conversion from imperial on the imperial on the scales to the metric on his recipe sheet so has been consulting charts in cookery books in order to make exact measurements. She has wrapped his eggs in cotton wool so they don't break. She has upgraded the container from a Bettabuy Vanilla Icecream tub to a Morrisons Cornish.

She has also ironed his apron.

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Frances said...

Judging by my own fair child, there will still be something terribly wrong - I never realised in my carefree youth how the happiness of one's offspring prey on one's mind quite so much. I constantly say the wrong thing or laugh at the wrong moment and am filled with remorse at my cruel insensitivity.
I usually recover my spirits enough to find some terrible event uproariously funny. ;-) yer go''er larf, inchah? as they say in the classier homes of North London.