Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Things To Do with an Ice Pop

Holly is the inspiration for this blog as she was doing some very unusual things with an ice pop the other day.

My Mum is writing this while I am standing next to her with the ice pop for inspiration. However, I've eaten the first one so had to go back to the freezer to get another one.

First of all you can argue about what flavour you want. For instance, if you are like Jack you may refuse the offer of a raspberry ice pop as it reminds you of a bad experience you once had with a raspberry yogurt with bits in which you had a long time ago. I think the best flavours are tropical, which is gorgeous, coca cola which is popular, and raspberry because it is most people's favourite colour.

How to get the top off. You get a pair of scissors and cut it, though if you are on the move you have to bite if off, though you have to leave this to my Mum as the plastic is surprisingly tough. It makes you wonder why people sell ready made ice pops in shops at all. They should at least provide implements next to the freezer for people to get into them without having to resort to such uncouth behaviour outside the shop. There is a shop near here which sells giant ice pops for only 10p, a steal and probably one of the few places left which sell pocket money sweets. Why do have Magnums have to cost £1.50?

We buy them in a box from the shop, but they do take a long time to freeze, overnight, and sometimes we can't be bothered to wait and just have them raw, as it were.

You can suck on the ice pop. Some times it is too cold to pop up and you have to warm it up in your hands a bit so that the seal breaks. You press it with your hands and it pops up, hence the name.

As Holly says, a good ice pop seems to have magical properties. If you eat a bit, and then put your finger in the ice pop the packet seems to grip your finger and the coloured water climbs up your finger. My Mum says this has got something to do with a vacuum, but that seems highly unlikely. Anyway, its not science, its magic. You can use the pictures on the icepop packet to grade how far up the water goes, like how far up the giraffe's neck, if it is a picture of a giraffe.

When you have finished with the icepop you can blow it up the packet and feel hard it is. Air can be very hard which is a true, if funny, fact.

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