Sunday, 22 July 2007

Grammatical Volte-Face

My Mum started this blog as a way of amusing me and spending some quality time around the computer. However, I have long ceased showing any interest whatsover in this blog. Some of the content me and my brother find ridiculous, in particular Jack takes exception to the line 'Tessa once saved my Mum from some snakes' which he finds foolish and queries the wisdom of writing about ice pops. However, my Mum has read Roland Barthes' 'Mythologies' which illustrates the value of writing about absolutely anything, and he has not.

One of the unwanted legacies of starting off the blog for one's kids and then taking it over for oneself is that one finds one is still writing in the third person. One does not really mind this as one is quite shy and likes to hide behind other people. But the last two sentences prove it can be done and she is getting more confident. Besides, writing in the third person is quite wearing for my Mum. She has agonised quite long and hard over whether and when to switch to the first person, and in particular worries that it will spoil the continuity of the blog, which she values. However, that day has finally come.


Sweet Irene said...

Great Eleanor's Mum, now we can address you in the first person, but what shall we call you? Eleanor's Mum? I am glad that you'll keep writing, though. I so much enjoy reading the posts and you have such a good sense of humor. I am always happy to read a new one in the morning, it helps get my day started.

Eleanor said...

You can call me Bev!

Frances said...

Hello Bev
Nice to meet you at last.I still remember the first time I visited and Sweet Irene's suspicion of your age - one of your many laugh-out-loud posts.