Sunday, 22 July 2007

Is there any upside to all this rain?

(Though with the proviso that there is no upside for the people who have had properties etc. damaged by it)

But from a whimsical point of view:

i) Better for the complexion. One less year's sunlight damage to the face. All the moisture in the air also has a beautifying effect on one's face.

ii) I like to see ducks happy. They can swim on the Common. Also the Common resembles an African Savannah with plains of large lakes, flocks of not so tropical birds on the water, and instead of elephants the wild horses drinking at the lake's edge. No need to go to Africa on safari this year then.

iii) All the fancy outside candles have been heavily reduced at Morrisons.

iv) Raindrops on roses.

v)The lettuces growing in our garden are prime specimens which could win prizes at the village show. Even Jack was impressed enough to have some lettuce leaves with his ham sandwiches today which has considerably upped his intake of fruit and veg.

vi)You can ride bikes through puddles and make pleasing and impressive arcs of water.

vii) Makes it a lot easier for garden birds as all the worms are already on the surface of the grass. Let's hope it does something to help increase their population.

viii)Got my husband to do some DIY as he had to seal the windows properly as the rain was coming through and Jack needed his packed lunch box.


Sweet Irene said...

Downside: when you are out walking the dog and it starts to rain, it will land on your glasses and you do not have any of those little things like windshield wipers.

Eleanor said...

Hadn't thought of that one! I bet you hadn't either until you had got your new glasses!

Sweet Irene said...

The upside of glasses is that it protects your eyes from the rain and your mascara doesn't run. Also, the wind doesn't make your eyes tear. I found that out this morning. I hope you are keeping your feet dry!

Frances said...

My daughter says the upside of glasses is that the bags under your eyes and black rings we both have don't show so much... - it can be a mixed blessing when you are wearing glasses and open a hot oven