Saturday, 7 July 2007

Going to See Grandma

Today we went to see my Grandma and Grandad who live in Knaresborough, which I have been looking forward to.

I brought my Brownie book to read in the car and a plated wool necklace which I had made at Brownies as a present for my Grandma.

On the car journey I was listening to a really funky song on my MP3 player and I told my Mum it had a double bass on it (I am learning to play the double bass) and handed the MP3 player to my Mum to have a listen. My Mum suggested that when the singer said "Bass" she was actually doing an intro to a funky bass line which was actually played by an electric guitar, but said that double basses are great because you can play in jazz bands and maybe eventually a lead into the electric guitar.

We had a great time with Grandma and Grandad but Jack was getting a little facetious. They have a family photo of us up and Jack was really getting very cheeky indeed because he said 'Look, there's Freaky, Baldy, Blondie and Normal, with himself being the Normal. Inspite of herself, my Mum found this highly amusing and throughout the day she and Jack amused themselves by making up some sort of alternative band of the Seven Dwarfs, starting with Scampy as Scruffy.

To save my Grandma time and energy we all went to a fish and chip restaurant in Harrogate.

While we were getting the parking ticket Jack was fiddling about with the return coin slot on the parking ticket machine and my Mum suggested that if he stayed by the machine all day he might collect just enough discarded coins to save up for the Play Station game which he had been wanting. Some bloke who was using the machine overheard and pretended to recheck the coin slot.

As we ordered the dinner I was reading the menu and I said that 'I want a cider'. My Grandma said 'Well I don't think you can order cider, pet' but I said it I actually meant side order and I just hadn't finished speaking yet.

We decided to go and give a Scamp a run by the River Nidd, whose waters were still swollen by the floods. I don't think had ever been to a river bank before because he tried to pick up a stick which was actually a tree root and then seemed to wonder he why couldn't pick it up.

We crossed a bridge and my Mum said watch Scamp because he might fall off the bridge, and he can't swim.

On the bridge somebody had carved 'Bev', which is my Mum's name. As a joke, my Grandad said it was my Mum who had carved it some time ago in her youth. Entering into the spirit of the thing my Mum said that he had and, noticing the 'Jo' next to it said 'And Jo was the friend I came here with'. Then noticing the picture of a heart between the 'Bev' and the 'Jo' said 'Well, actually he was my boyfriend'. Jack said 'It says 1999 there, and I was born in 95'. My Mum said 'You are right', I can't have done it.'

Later on I helped my Grandma make the tea, because a Brownie does a good deed everyday. I like her folding silver cake stand.

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Frances said...

Not Harry Ramsden's then?
My Grandma and Grandad lived in Bradford.
My Grandma was also quite keen on getting fish and chips in. Also ice-cream which had to be wrapped in newspaper to insulate it, before they bought a fridge.
Them were the days.