Thursday, 12 July 2007

Grading Football Kicks in The Back Garden

Today I was kicking my football in the back garden and I asked my Mum to give me points out of ten for each kick. I quite like grading things and sometimes me and Holly have dancing competitions listening to the music on You Tube and we write reports on each others dancing with points out of ten, a bit like X Factor.

Anyway, here are some of the football kicks and grades:

1. A basic football kick, goes straight and goes quite a long way ......7

2. Angled into the corner, a bit more interesting....8

3. A miss kick.....0

4. Hits the shed and bounces back. A bit like squash. Great, a new sport - Squash football....10

5. Hits a plant.....-1

6. Hits Tessa.....-10

and so on.

During the interval I waved to a jumbo jet and said 'Great, it's seen me.' My Mum asked how I knew it had seen me and I explained that we had been asking Mr Coombes (my teacher) how you could tell if a plane could see you if you waved to it and he said that there is a red light on the bottom that they will flash on and off to say that they have seen you, a bit like a lighthouse.

Later I tried to see how far up the line I could reach the pegs on the washing line. Another new sport.


Frances said...

That's a good habit to get into. In my family we have a score system when anyone is driving.
Whenever we see anyone crossing the road we say 'How many points?' and we like to be as politically incorrect as possible, as we are really pathetic lefties, so it makes us laugh to pretend to be awful and aggressive.

Sweet Irene said...

Glad to see that you are still here, thought you might have disappeared. Great rating system for balls.

Debi said...

And the fans go wild...I give this comeback post a 10!