Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Hedgehog Lady

I first met hedghog lady, whose real name is Lesley, today while invigilating. She rushed in late and explained it was because she couldn't find one just before she was ready to go out, but eventually found him curled up in a bag of bedding. We got talking about animals, and also about the small animals hotel, which is run near here and near to her house, and where we leave the guinea pigs when we go on holiday. We also got talking about what used to be a fish and chip shop at the top of our street, and, coincidence, the son of the fishshop owner, William was also inviligating today.

After the session she invited me back to her house for a coffee. I admit that I was a bit put out by this as, after a boring sesh, I was desparate to read the paper. However I got on my bike and found her house.

She showed me me the hedgehog in question who was still asleep in the bedding and picked him up like in the pic. After a while I asked whether he was still asleep as he was very still but she said no, he had woken up but they are quite strange creatures, who, however, can certainly put a bit of speed on when they want to. I asked whether he was a bit prickly and she said he could be when he wanted but to feel him as he was very warm, as indeed he was. She also had a number of hedgehogs in little runs in her house, which was a nice thing to do as she obviously didn't have much money and the vets fees mount up. Apparently she has been rescuing hedgehogs who have been hurt by strimmers (grass cutting machines) and who have damage to their limbs.

She lived in a very nice bungalow with a lovely garden which she had obviously made great efforts to hold onto. It had some Pampass grass (which she obviously likes) and was quite impressed by the fact I know about an impressive plant on a verge near to where I live, because I took a picture for this blog, which she has noticed too. Though she says she will pass the on the pink Pampass grass, which apparently her sister-in-law has.

All around the house and sunroom (which caught the light) were a motley collection of rescue cats who were strategically sunning themselves on the exact warmest spots that the sun came through the window. One cat came in mewing and she said "He is very fat, don't look" and he certainly was. Another sleeker brown cat was sunning himself outside on a patio chair. Yet another cat was sunbathing in the sun room on a chair which was the last left over from the suite which she had bought with her ex-husband many years before, but she had cut up and burned all the rest, but she had kept a chair for her cat.


Bobbie said...

What a cute little critter and a lovely lady who rescues them. I loved reading about this, Beverly.

Frances said...

Yep I agree with Bobbie. I love hedgehogs. We had a lot of them in the yard in London, but here we don't seem to have any. I was thinking of adopting some to deal with my slugs - but maybe with a lively dog that is not such a good idea. I love that picture of the little hedgehog

Debi said...

Sounds like you met a like-minded soul. (Except for the furniture-burning bit, I'm guessing.)

It's my turn to show my ignorance -- hedgehogs run around willy-nilly there?

I've had only one experience with hedgehogs. My neighbor had two as pets and I had never heard of such a pet choice before. I was surprised how cute they were -- adorable little faces. But petting them was about like petting a hairbrush.

Bev said...

They do run around willy nilly, Debi. We had our own hedgehog come into our garden and we got some cat food to feed it with. You should always feed them cat food, never milk. When I said this to Lesley she seemed impressed and realised I knew my hedgehogs.

As for furniture burning, sometimes seems an appropriate response to events, arguably. Not that I have done it myself though I once threw a plate at a dishwasher.

Debi said...

Free-range hedgehogs there? What kind of exotic place do you live in!

I'm glad to hear that furniture burning is a bit over the top there, as it would be here, too, although I'm sure it's been done. I know I've been tempted. har!

And I'm going to guess it wasn't the dishwasher that you were really mad at, now was it?

Bev said...

LOL Debi, but I bet there're not the rodeo hedgehogs you get round where you

dianeclancy said...

WOW! That is a real live animal? I don't think we have them around here. They are cute as beans!

I forget the little creatures in Harry Potter, but they must be the inspiration for them!

~ Diane Clancy

Gina said...

I WANT a hedgehog!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

That baby hedgehog is just the CUTEST wee thing ever! The girls and I have been sitting here going "awwwwww" and getting all mushy! lol

Lisa Sarsfield said...

PS: I wanted to say a big thankyou for the lovely comments you left on my blog. (Thought I would find and email on here for you!) I appreciate the thought you put into what you said, the fact that you analised the piece and said what you thought. It is a great way to start my day! Regards,

Bev said...

Lisa, I thought your's is a great blog, which I found through Bobbie's Two Things. I really enjoy looking at art like your's so you've found a new fan!