Wednesday, 28 November 2007

New York

I went into Hull for a bit of Xmas shopping yesterday, and on the way back took a few pics. I like the name of this nightclub, 'New York'. You can tell from the skyline that it's nothing like New York round there, but it is hopeful, fantasist, and positive. People making the best of their circumstances.

It's like I've noticed the pubs get more palatial in inverse relation to their surrounding environment.
First pic, this building used to be a nightclub called 'The Tower' and there used to be a well-known Hull expression 'Let's go to The Tower for an hour' which referred to people repairing to this establishment en masse when they had finished drinking in the pubs on a night out. Who says they can't versify in 'ull !


Bez said...

Never dull in 'ull

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Lovely architecture on the 'hull' and yes as you say an optimistic fanciful name for the 'New York' especially with such grey skies behind it!

Thanks for your comments on my blog :) I liked your perception of the trenches! I didn't actually think of that but I see what you mean and thought it was very clever of you! Lisa :)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

I really like the picture of "the Tower" - shall we met there and go for a spin around the dance floor? Don't they have a little dance floor?

~ Diane Clancy

Debi said...

LOL Bev, you crack me up. You always have an interesting comment on the world around you. 'ull or no 'ull.

You have no idea how different those buildings look from anything around here. They have AGE. Nothing much over 50 years old around here. That tower looks positively ancient to my eyes.

By the way, the sign in front, "Hull" -- what in the world does that symbol above it mean? Is it to sober the late night versifiers?

Bev said...

It's a symbol for the railways, Debi!

We do have some lovely architecture in Hull left over from it's Victorian heyday, but now it's a bit rundown it's used for other purposes!