Monday, 12 November 2007

Intricate/Interlace Two Things Challenge

Two pics, well it is a challenge.

First pic taken in 'Little Beruit' in Hull, a rundown area, of a little glass crystal display (intricate) that someone can be bothered to make in between their lace nets, probably to block out the scenes of carnage beyond.

Second pic, our bedroom ceiling which if you enlarge you can see an intricate pattern of cracks caused by the bombing of the Second World War. I thought I would put this in as it is the day after Remembrance Sunday. Sixty years later when we were asleep in bed in all fell down, maybe as a result of the damage made all those years before, like the flapping of a butterfly's wings will eventually cause a hurricane in another part of the world, but on a timescale. You can see my attempts to take the room into lace territory, inspite of the gaping hole in the ceiling. Haven't yet got my husband to fix this properly, also an intricate task. As is apparently shoe-lace tying for my twelve year old son.


Bobbie said...

There's nothing in the rule that doesn't say you can use photos in your file, Bev. I know I've seen both of these pictures before. But your creativity comes in in getting them out of the archives and making them work for this challenge!

Bev said...

Bobbie, rumbled! But I like doing the challenge as soon as it comes in and usually it's too dark to take any pictures! Also I'm lazy...I think my interpretations are getting too verbal, and I'm going to try and get into the digital art!

Bev said...

Hey, Bobbie, you're not You can tell you've brought up three kids!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

Whoops ... I am writing this after I wrote on the later post ... apparently Bobbie and I agree ...

Beverly - I am constantly newly amazed and delighted by knowing you - get with the program of knowing you are a wonderful person!! (hug)

I think these are great entries ... and actually I think they each fulfill the challenge. The lace in the first is sure intricate and interlaced ... and so it that light fixture(?) on the second one.

Thanks for sharing!

~ Diane Clancy

Bev said...

Bobbie says it's OK to reuse old things but I know it's not good enough so I've done another one.