Thursday, 29 November 2007

A Palatial Pub

Today, after I had done my shopping, in the interests of anthropological research I thought I would stop at a pub on the way home to take some pics, and, of course, to enable me to do that I had to buy a pint as well.

This is a pub in quite a rough industrial area, but it is a nice piece of architecture (like 'The Tower') as it is a Victorian Hotel dating from when Hull was in its prime during the industrial revolution. That sign on the window says 'B&B (Bed and Breakfast) £15, and I doubt whether you'd get board as cheap as that anywhere in the country. Inside was a talking parrot and various locals, and huge chandeliers and swags. I suppose it is quite a dodgy activity doing this, being woman on her own in such an area, but I never felt alarmed; indeed, I seemed to fit in quite well. The pub smelt of smoke (somebody's breaking the smoking ban) and there were a couple of eccentric old ladies who kept departing to the ladies for a quick fag. I sat in a corner out the way taking these pics and suddenly the air turned blue. As I left the barman said "Ay, you shouldn't be talking like that, there's ladies present" and the bloke who was using the colourful language said to me "Well, sorry about that, it's the first time I ever swore".


Lisa Sarsfield said...

What a beautiful old building. I bet it could tell a few stories! the bar is beautiful too- is it real wood? Interesting to hear you have the smoking ban too. It's about 2 years old here (in bars and resturants) and after the intial hoo-haa over it dosn't seem to be keeping the punters away as much as the bar owners thought it would! Anyway, nice piece of architechture- thankyou for sharing!

Sweet Irene said...

Lovely story and it reminds me of the old pubs that I used to see when I was a kid and that I was sent to to get my great uncle to come home at lunch time. He would go over and have his 'jenever' there. He would get me to wait while he had another one and I got to buy peanuts from a machine that you put a dime into. I didn't mind that one bit, of course.

Bobbie said...

Bev. now I'm having problems with my router which keeps resetting itself and so will make one comment for all if I can.

I laughed out loud when I read the end of this post. You are such a fun writer to read!

Things will never cease to amaze.
I was amazed to see the "Odessa" in 'ull!

Interesting to see the little mushrooms popping up this late in the season.

Thanks for all the posts, had a great time and good laugh today!

Debi said...

I laughed out loud, too.

Wish we had pubs here (putting aside the colorful language for just a moment). Dark, windowless, dank bars are what we have.

I loved seeing all the views of a real English pub! (And so English-like, it seems to me -- what with high ceilings, the wood paneling, the cups and pitchers on the shelf, and the brass bed warmers, ha)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

These are great photos ... you tell such fascinating stories ... but even these photos themselves tell the stories.

~ Diane Clancy