Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Intricate/Interlace Two Things Challenge

I have just returned from my job as a invigilator, where I am supposed to prevent cheating, and reflected that I have virtually cheated on the Two Things by rehashing some old file photos which I have already used on this blog with similar wording, so I have done another one, taking some pics on my bike ride home!
First pic is the entry a 'Silver Birch'. I remember reading somewhere that they call these trees 'Nature's Lady' because of their delicate trucks and their fine leaves. When you look through the leaves on our tree in the summer the delicacy and intricacy of the leaves, interlaced in a complex pattern, gives them a lace effect, perhaps also hence the name. This one today looks a bit windswept, perhaps like a bride entering a church with her veil blown about on a windy day.
This got me thinking on my ride home that perhaps other trees have an essential character and I took a few more pics to have a bit of fun with this.
Second pic, a young thrusting yuppie executive of a tree, outreaching his peers, ( see the sleek lines) with the sky as the limit.
Third pic, a bohemian tree, obviously seen a lot and lived a bit and an interesting shape.
Fourth pic, some sort of solid wise old tree who has also seen it all and can carry the weight of the smaller younger plants in its branches.
Leylandii, big ugly strong trees, bald and round, that are bought by people to protect their property. A bit anti-social. Nature's bouncers.


Debi said...

I love this post! How fun to think about the personality of trees. Next time I'm out taking pictures, you can bet I'll be thinking of that.

I noted that you rode your bike to work. You might remember that I recently got a bike. I've been too timid in my bike-riding skills (it had been years since I rode) to take my camera with me, afraid I'll fall and possibly break more than my silly neck. You give me inspiration, though...one day, I too, hope to go riding and take pictures all in the same go.

Frances said...

Yay Bev
Lovely pictures. I used old ones for my civilisation thing - not very old, but I suppose that was cheating too.
oh well - I'll try and find something new for the interlace one.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

This post is fantastic!! Both the narrative and the great photos ... you have such a gift for weaving stories.

I am glad you posted again ... but about the cheating thing (by the way it sounds like your day went well with the new job) ...

The way I interpret this challenge is to LOOK at things in a new way. That is the what I bring to the challenge.

I think if you have a photo, and the challenge encourages you to see it newly, why is this not appropriate?

But who am I - just the newbie here ... Great post!!

~ Diane Clancy

Frances said...

I agree with Diane. that has been my interpretation of the rules - but still good to see the new pics

Bev said...

I know Bobbie was joking! I just want to make a bit of an effort for her as everyone else does!

Bev said...

It wasn't actually the fact they were old pictures it was the fact I had used them before on this very same blog with very similar wording, I must admit.

Bobbie said...

he he. too funny bev. I love this post and the trees too. You outdid yourself!

Bev said...

Debi, one of the very few advantages of having a cheap rubbish camera is that you can use it without worrying, while riding a bike. I always stop pedalling before I take the pics, though!

Debi said...

LOL, Bev. I'll have to remember that -- stop first.