Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Mushroom City

Talking about cities, on a dog walk today I saw these mushrooms, proliferating round here because of the damp. At a distance they looked like a skyscraper city scape with architecture of different heights. They have mushoomed into this colony because of the favourable environment there, as cities tend to do anywhere that is favourable to supporting life.


Sandollar said...

Almost expect to see a wee family of fairies hiding in your mushroom city!

Bev said...

Yes, Sandollar, I think it is a fairy ring, but it's a bit lopsided!

Bez said...

I bought a guide to picking wild mushrooms (for the cuisine not for recreational purposes you understand). I darent do it though, some of them say things like " looks very similar to a whatever species, take care as these may cause irreprable liver damage, paralysis or death"

Probably would see the fairies if you get the wrong (right?) ones!!

Hope you are keeping well Bev.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Yes definately watch out for fairies if you pick the wronge ones! And elves and rainbow coloured raindeer and....oh whoops where was I?
Seriously though I love they way your mind works! So many people would have walked past (or stepped on) these mushrooms and never appreaciated their beauty or relationship to our own colonies. I know I will think of you next time I see mushrooms!

Sweet Irene said...

Imagine being very tiny and finding shelter under one of these and taking a bite of it when you are hungry, while lapping up a drop of rain. Are these edible?

I love wild mushrooms and used to go mushroom picking with my aunt who knew which ones were edible.

Bev said...

I don't think these are your actual magics, as I think that they have a pinkish tinge. Pity, as I could have done a flight of fancy about hippy invaders coming down from the sky, ransacking the city and taking the inhabitants off to another planet!

laurie said...

nothing like a dogwalk to get us out there and noticing things we would never have noticed otherwise.

i used to eat puffballs, but i am not confident enough about any other kind of mushroom to eat them.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

These fairy mushrooms (I too am sure I see fairies dancing around when we are not looking) ... and they are so cool!

Thank you for this vision of a city!

~ Diane Clancy

Debi said...

Completely, positively adorable! I want some to grow on my place! Sadly, as you point out, you need humidity. What a shame.

Now I'm not encouraging you to take flights of fungal fancy, mind you, but I would love to see more shots of your mushrooms. I'm NOT talking dirty, either.

Bev said...

Lisa and Laurie, yes you do see a lot of things while walking dogs, which you wouldn't see normally because of the pace of modern life (this applied to me when I was working!).

Sweet Irene, I love your new way of saying good-bye. I liked the English 'Cheerio' too!

Diane, it does look as though it should have fairies dancing round it, or should be in a fairy tale illustration.

Debi, half the words you use I can't understand! I must have led a sheltered life lol

Bev said...
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Debi said...

Bev, what? You don't understand show me your mushrooms? Me neither, really.

But with a wink and a nudge anything you say can sound dirty. Try it sometime. I bet that colorful language guy at the pub knows what I'm talking about.(Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)