Thursday, 29 November 2007

Odessa come to 'ull

Today I went into Hull again to do my Xmas shopping as I don't have the use of the car during the day and there is only so much I can carry, so it is taking quite a few trips.
I saw this motorhome today called 'Odessa' and I like all the Texan wildlife on the back. It is probably called that because it speaks of frontiership and exploring the great outdoors, as you should be doing in a motorhome.


Debi said...

Who woulda thunk it? Odessa (Texas, that is) represented in Hull!

About the wildlife on the back. Horses, yes. Bulls with horns, yes. Witches (what?), probably. Long-haired hippie types, most definitely yes. Droopy tree, sadly yes.

But a MOOSE?!

Ok. Now I'll be on the look out for 'ull in Odessa. It may take a while, but surely, somewhere, something, if I keep a sharp eye...

Bev said...

Glad you appreciate it Debbie. If you find a reference (with proof) to Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire in Odessa, I will personally send you £1000!!

Bev said...

lol !

Debi said...

Man, you had me going there for a minute. I was thinking: I could pay a sign painter 500, take a picture, net about 1500 ($USD)...

But then I saw the LOL at the end. With an exclamation point even.


Well, money or no money, I have something planned for you. (And no, it's not a prank to pay you back for exciting me unnecessarily.) It's not 'ull but it is Bev'. You'll see in a few days.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

This is cool ... I would love to go around in a motor home ... except the gas mileage is terrible!!! So I guess I could not do it.

I am hoping they make more fuel efficient ones and then maybe someday I could rent for a vacation.

~ Diane Clancy