Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Decorations on the Tree

Here are some of the decorations on our tree. I have been looking at them and they show all sorts of the aspects of Christmas.
First pic, a streamlined stylish arc deco bird. You could imagine this in a twenties hotel, and also in the Titantic, but I hope this is not an omen for our Christmas.
Second pic, a bit of a tramp of a Christmas decoration. A Wurzle Gummage figure, with bits missing, though the kids love him. Needs a bit of feeding up to make him a jolly fat Santa, perhaps in one of those soup kitchens they have for mini-Santas.
Third picture, quite a regal decoration this, looks like a coronation orb. It has the regal velvet and the embroidery which you could imagine being made by the needlewomen for many hours for perhaps Elizabeth I on one of her gowns. A great Elizabethan vibe this, especially at Christmas; the Elizabethans were always great at merry-making and feasting.
Fourth picture, a Victorian Christmas scene, which is the template for Christmas in England at least. Apparently this year there is a twenty percent chance of snow in London for Christmas Day, so we might get some in Hull as well. This has not happened for a number of years. We have the sledge, but not the horses, though when in use the dog shows great interest in it. We also have some mirror baubles which reflect the scenes in this house which are nothing like the Victorian ones, I assure you.
Fifth pic, a seventies disco bauble, like the silver ones you saw hanging from the ceiling. Lots of parties go on at this time of year, and in some of the nightclubs round here, we still have them.
Sixth, a sort of Vivian Westwood bauble, with the outlandish fashions. Great pattern on the body, and also a scarf. But what about the hairstyle! Totally impractical, as many of these fashion ensembles are, as everyone knows eighty percent of the heat in the body is lost by the head.
Seventh picture, also quite Victorian with the wooden rocking horse when the toys and presents were at their best.
Eighth, nature's Christmas decoration, a robin. Seen quite a few this year but didn't have my camera with me.
Nineth, quite an Ikea Christmas scene this, wooden , minimalist and stylish, without any chintz.


Frances said...

Good pics. I like the bird - You have persuaded me to do my Christmas decorating this weekend - I usually do it all on Christmas Eve and end up all alone in the wee hours trying frantically to get get more streamers up while the sensible members of the family snore gently in their beds!

Bobbie said...

I love these ornaments, each one loved and displayed year by year. Nice to see them up close, but time to get them on the tree :) We used to have a pink fuzzy elephant and the tree was never complete until it was placed on there.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Those baubles are beautiful! The birds are fantastic! Very nice post and photo's thankyou for sharing your thoughts and xmas with us:)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

These pictures are interesting! You sure have a great set of ornaments!!

thank you for telling us about them too!

~ Diane Clancy