Friday, 28 December 2007

Two Things Challenge Tidy/Ends

This is the great present which Mark got me as a my main Christmas present. Love it, and now I can listen to music without deafening everybody else. For such a small object it makes a very loud noise. And although it has a lot of loose ends, it is a tidy slim little thing.

All sorts of music has been downloaded today, including a bit of Led Zeppelin. Listening to Led Zep's 'Rock and Roll' on this i-pod is something of an antidote to post-Christmas torpor. Although hugely powerful and raw, this track is also poised on a knife-edge, tidy almost. Controlled power, and reminds me of that advert you used to see (in England, for tyres, I think) of the athlete's foot poised at the start line in a stiletto shoe. All sorts of wild and baroque guitar riffs and drum lines which miraculously come together at the end of the musical phrases. A bit like this i-pod with it's tidying up of all the ends in the centre.


laurie said...

ah, a wonderful gift! last year doug gave me an iPod shuffle. i load it up with RTE documentaries (i'm a nerd, i know) and listen to them when i walk the dogs.

Bev said...
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Bobbie said...

lol! Lucky you to get a nice little toy from Santa.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Lucky you!! Nice defination of tidy too with your analysis of the song. I enjoy your abstract way of thinking about things.
Have a great day!
Lisa :)

Sweet Irene said...

Hi Bev, will you be able to hear the children when you have that plugged into your ears? lol!

Thanks for coming by my blog and putting your 2 cents worth in, I sure appreciate it.

Aren't you too young for Led Zeppelin?

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

When my son Gregory was a baby, the mechanical baby swing kept me sane - you wound it up and he sat there amused, swinging, for ten peaceful minutes.

For me sanity is now my 80 gig iPod. My first one (20 gigs) broke after a few years and I cannot toss it. I love it.


Bev said...

Sweet Irene, I was going to get affronted by your remark because I misread it as 'too old', because this stuff is, after all, rock music. I suppose I am too young, and it is an interesting way of seeing it! They've apparently had a reunion recently.

Laurie, I know you're not a nerd. I do after all read your blog!

Lisa, I do think abstractly I suppose. It is a funny way of thinking but I can't help it!

John, I had a DIY version of the electric swing which involved putting baby in a car seat and swinging him between my legs for hours on end.

Bez said...

Hi Bev,
Guess I must be too young for Zep too, although I possess all their works on both CD and Vinyl.
I have an unplayed copy of their awesome DVD, creatively titled DVD, available to the first serious bidder! They have many young fans, they did reunite recently, and there were 20Million applications for the 18000 tickets!

Hope your Christmas was fab and your New Year brings you all you wish for.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

What a great present!! And what a great entry for Tidy Ends!!

Enjoy your music!!

~ Diane Clancy

Sweet Irene said...

Dear Bev, you have been tagged by me. For details, please see my post for today. Ciao...

Debi said...

Congratulations and what an unusual take on Tidy Ends! But, of course, we've come to expect you to show us the world a little differently.

Here's a couple of ways to keep your iPod earbuds tidy as per LifeHacker:

1. Starting with "devil horns."
2. Four Finger method.

Bev said...

LOL Debi!

Debi said...

Have a little too much New Year's cheer did we? It's unusual not to see you around the usual places today. Hope all is well with you. Bev.

And oh yeah. Tag you're it. See my blog.

Sweet Irene said...

Where are you, Bev? Have you been inundated with too many Christmas presents to play with or too many martinis, shaken not stirred?

Bev said...
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gara gillentine said...

Great annalogy! Very precise yet imaginative.
And YES! they do sound great for such little
bitty ear pieces.