Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Forest Flanimals of Christmas

Time for another inebriated cartoon session while Mark watches 'Moonraker', which beats doing the crosswords in the Daily Mail! This is a book called 'Flanimals' by Ricky Gervais, which has strange creatures of the Deep, so I got the idea and did some ones based on Christmas, but in some Tropical Christmas Forest, but I'm not saying my family or old dog Tessa are strange creatures(!) or look anything like the funny flanimal on the cover of the book, I am just stealing the cartoon concept and doing it based some Christmas time observation.

Birds of the Forest

Bedecked in colourful plumes, in fact one year in a pink fluoresent feather boa, this bird has a great time going congregating on the trees with her mates, filling the forest air with chatterings. She has jewelled and ring-like markings and headplumes. A tweeny bird, not your actual bird, just a bird in waiting. Communicates with the mobile.

The Monkey

These are usually mischievous wayward creatures, but set them a certain task, like building magnetic ball stocking fillers, they prove themselves to be quite intelligent, with an IQ which is measurable.

The Sloth

A feature of the forest, though not to be found hanging upsidedown from the trees, but on the sofa. Has the same fat tummy and vacant expression.

The Old Wolf

This is an old wolf who can no longer hunt so shows great interest in scavanging any food to be found on the forest floor, including expensive chocolate Lindt reindeers. When she smells the great feast that the rest of the pack are eating she always manages to wake up and is always around while it is consumed, waiting for any leftovers. Eyesight going so finds all of the presents left lying about something of a hazard. Although nearly blind and deaf, this old wolf retains certain acute faculties which include remembering people who have given her doggie titbits from their pocket on her walk and following them about the next time she sees them.

Trailing Vines

Found decked all over the forest, a bit like the ones Tarzan swung from. This time come from a Party Confetti Canon.

The Waterfall

Many tropical forests have rivers and waterfalls, and this one is no exception. Here is a waterfall feature which was bought from a knock-off shop on Hessle Road which doesn't work as it has a pipe missing. Not a problem you get with nature's waterfalls, as they have been left to God and not to rogue traders.


Bobbie said...

Love your cartoons and sense of humor, dear Bev. So funny, I cracked up at the sloth. I have one of those at my house too, but he hangs out in his recliner instead. Same zzz's though :)

Happy Boxing Day!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

These cartoons are great! You are so imaginative ... it is great fun!!

~ Diane Clancy

laurie said...
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laurie said...

(sorry about the deleted comment. i had the URL wrong.)

anyway..... i mistook the sloth picture for one of dumdad on his sick bed.

Sweet Irene said...

You're a true stand up comedian and have a true British sense of humor as we understand it from watching Monty Python. And we think they are pretty hilarious. Eduard and I are rhinos, thick skinned and sharp horned. We chew our way through the forest and charge when threatened. We are endangered and therefor dangerous to man, whom we will attack when called upon to do so. Best leave us alone and let us graze our way through the bush.

Bev said...

Laurie, wow! Coincidence or what! These things apparently happen in Paris too.

LOL Sweet Irene, you and Eduard certainly seem to make a pretty invincible pair. It's good fun doing this, isn't it!

Debi said...

Another Batch of Bev cartoons!!

I have tears in my eyes. This was so funny, Bev. I suggested in another comment on my blog that you drink more. I said I was just kidding then, though. But now I'm not so sure I was just kidding. You are too too funny.

I first read the Flanimals before I looked at the pictures. Like Irene said, you are a stand up comedian and to think we are part of a privileged few.

Aren't Sloths fascinating -- how they can watch Moonraker, sports, and the news with their eyes closed? And have you ever noticed how the monkeys and the birds of the forest sometimes clash, causing a great cacophonous raucous?

Say....I see there's one missing Flanimal of the Forest!!! Will we be getting an addendum perhaps? It is a camel drinking at the forest's enchanted oasis maybe?

(Irene, you are scream too. Rhinos!)

Debi said...

I just realized, maybe it isn't an enchanted oasis from which the other flanimal drinks -- maybe it's from that waterfall...not so faulty afterall, eh?

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Just fantastic Bev! Very clever and imaginative although I can spot the elements of truth that inspired you. A very enjoyable post to read after such a busy few days!I'm looking forward to being able to drop back in regulary now:)

Bev said...

LOL Debi re the waterfall. If only that were possible in real life. It reminds of the show 'The Vicar of Dibley' which we watched on Boxing Day and had her drinking of a fountain of chocolate. Apropos of absolutely nothing, we went to a place called Ripley in Yorkshire, which is an old-fashioned village community with a church, and we were looking out for the Vicar of Ripley.

Bev said...

Actually on Thursday.