Thursday, 13 December 2007

Two Things Challenge Hold/Value

As Neda has noted in her posting of yesterday, Northern Europe is now in the grips of a cold snap, as was evident on my dog walk this morning.

My last post was about artificial Xmas decorations, so I was pleased to find this leaf today. Often in Christmas decorations you get the spray-on snow or ice, but this was the real thing. Not a good enough camera (enlarged you can get some idea) but the leaf glittered in reality with thousands of little ice diamonds in the sunshine. So the leaf held much value on its on it's intricate surface. Apart from the pleasure it gave me to look at it. 'Held' is a suitable word because the cold allowed the ice crystals to adhere to the leaf; raindrops, though sparkly, tend to fall off easily.

I have also posted some sparkling icy leaves, which I thought Lisa might appreciate, and also another valuable entity, Ruby the Rottweiler ( a rescue dog, cherished as you can tell from the coat, and a name which has connotations of a Northern working class woman of a certain age with a heart of gold) Scamp's best mate, decked out in her smart winter coat which keeps out the cold.
Postscript. This is a great challenge which I have thoroughly enjoyed doing for some weeks now. So interesting seeing all the different ideas people come up with, from all corners of the globe. Now it is made even more valuable by j. m. tewesbury's generous offer of $5 per entry to hugely deserving charities. I'm going to get a better camera! I'm going to think of really good ideas! The Two Things Challenge can be found through 'Debi Cates Photo A Day', and 'The Great Grannies Blog', through the comment on this posting.


Neda said...

Very clever idea!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Yes I do! Thankyou Bev. Tickled to think you were thinking of me! I've been looking forward to coming abd checking out your leaves all day but it's been madness here!
For all the leaves I have seen I don't think I have ever seen an icy one and definately not a pile of them! I love the ridges on the leaf and how they look really bold and exagerrated by the ice. Amazing how taking away or adding a colour can have this effect. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us :)

Bobbie said...

Bev, you are right it is not the big glittery things that hold value, but instead it is these little genuine things that are much more meaningful. I love your 2 things photos very much!

Debi said...

I like this whole series of pictures. It gives you the feeling of the cold winter snap, the dogs greeting one another, the friendliness between the two women (subject and photographer), and then your quiet moment of looking down and seeing the icy leaves.

Lovely, Bev. I do enjoy your posts. It's my daily vicarious incarnation as a Gentle English Woman.

Hey, how is that you have GREEN grass? Everything here is colorless and straw-like.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

I especially like the leaf for the 2 Things Challenge. I saw it first on the other blog - looks great!

Very creative ideas. Stay warm!

~ Diane Clancy

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Wow! The leaves are beautiful. I seem to remember seeing similar fallen foliage when I lived in Austria. I'll have to pay closer attention around here and see if such beauty materializes in this southern city.